Susan Wilson introduces a discussion between Peter Strawson and Gareth Evans on the nature of truth. They are seeking to define a criterion for truth that shows both what all statements we call tru...e have in common and what the relations are between different kinds of true statements.
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Module code and title: A303, Problems of philosophy
Item code: A303; 03
First transmission date: 04-04-1973
Published: 1973
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Producer: Patricia Hodgson
Contributors: Gareth Evans; Peter Strawson; Susan Wilson
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Systematic semantics
Footage description: Susan Wilson introduces the programme and explains its purpose. Strawson reviews the problems of truth and offers Frank Ramsey's definition as still satisfactory. He considers the recent activities of philosophers in systematic semantics. Evans also considers and in part explains the latter. Evans considers in what way (he calls it a 'thin interpretation'). Ramsey's formula is satisfactory in the quest for a general account of truth. Strawson attempts a validification of the wider or broader interpretation of Ramsey's formula. Strawson proposes a view of truth in the primary sense, permitting a truth in a secondary or extended sense. He uses as an example the formula 7+5=12 and argues that this primary sense statement is true but that it contains within itself generalities of operation common to other counting operations. Evans proposes objections. Evans redefines his position which is that of wanting a notion of truth that applies across different statement contents. The 'thin interpretation' of Ramsey is again quoted. Strawson reiterates his extension notion of truth from primary truth to secondary extension and presses Evans for him to propose a pattern for an undifferentiated notion of truth.
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