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Portrait of Sir Edward Frankland. Colin Russell introduces the programme. It will concern itself with the popularisation of science promoted by Sir Edward Frankland. Shots of countryside near Garst...ang from Beacon Fell. Shots of church and site of birthplace. Engraving 'The village school' shown. Shots of Brow Top School and of Lancaster Castle. Colin Russell describes Frankland's early years and his education up to the age of 14 years and his apprenticeship to a Lancaster pharmacist. Shot of apprenticeship indenture. Frankland's life as an apprentice is described. Pestle and mortar is shown and operated by Colin Russell. Shots of Mechanics Institute in Lancaster. Colin Russell describes and assesses the Mechanics Institute in the development of Frankland's education. Photograph of Sir William Turner. Photograph also of Sir Edward Frankland. Shot of Queenwood school, Hampshire to which William Brock; describes his move in 1847. The school's prospectus is quoted. Photograph of Edward Frankland as a young man. Brock describes Frankland's career in Germany up to his appointment at Owen's college, Manchester. The German scientific education at this point in time is also described. Portraits of Robert Bunsen and Justus von Liebig. Brock outlines Frankland's growing commitment to the communication of science by teaching. Frankland's aims are described. Shots of basic chemical equipment for practical laboratory work. Russell and Brock demonstrate and describe some of the basic experiments described in Franklands list of experiments in 'How to teach chemistry'. Experiments performed are: 1. Nitric acid on copper; 2. Potassium iodide and mercury chloride; 3. Expelled breath into lime water; 4. Heat on platinum and on magnesium; 5. Test for borates; 6. Manufacture of carbon dioxide. Brock outlines Frankland's thinking on the art of teaching and his move to the Royal College of Chemistry in 1865. Brock describes the development of graphic description of chemical formulae and of Frankland's part in this work. The Crum Brown system of valency representation is shown. Brock describes Frankland's ventures into the education of chemistry teachers. Colin Russell demonstrates one of Frankland's demonstrations performed on his course for science teachers, the formation of diethyl zinc. Brock stresses Frankland's continuing influence. Brock summarizes the programme.
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Module code and title: AST281, Science and the rise of technology since 1800
Item code: AST281; 05
First transmission date: 09-05-1973
Published: 1973
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Producer: Mary Hoskins
Contributors: W H Brook; Colin Russell
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Chemistry; Frankland, Edward; Garstang; Laboratories; Lancaster Castle; Popular science
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