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In this programme Gerald Hendrie and Geraint Jones play music by Buxtehude, Pachelbel and J.S.Bach on two baroque organs in Germany. The first organ is at Steinkirchen near Hamburg and was built by... Arp Schnitger between 1685 and 1687. The second larger organ is at Ottobeuren to the west of Munich. It was built by Karl Joseph Riepp between 1761 and 1766 and is an ornate and elaborate instrument. Though sharing common principles, the organs of the North German and South German traditions differed very substantially, as did the music written for them. This programme is intended to illustrate these differences. The programme also illustrates the nature of the churches in which the instruments stand and shows some of the handiwork in each instrument.
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Module code and title: A304, The development of instruments and their music
Item code: A304; 01
First transmission date: 13-02-1974
Published: 1974
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Duration: 00:23:53
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Producer: John Selwyn Gilbert
Contributors: Gerald Hendrie; Geraint Jones
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Steinkirchen
Subject terms: Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel, 1714-1788; Buxtehude, Dietrich, 1637-1707; Hamburg (Germany)
Footage description: There is no commentary on this film. Opening shots of a church: Steinkirchen, near Hamburg. Various shots of the organ here, on which Gerald Hendrie plays Buxtehude's Prelude and fugue in B minor. Geraint Jones plays Buxtehude: "In dulci jubilo". Some interior shots of organ working Jones plays Bach's "Von Himmel hoch" with cymbalstern. Shots of cymbal mechanism. Hendrie plays Bach's Toccata in D minor. Exterior shots of Steinkirchen church. Map shows relative positions of Steinkirchen and Ottobeuren. Spire of Ottobeuren monastery. Details of church interior. Geraint Jones plays Pachelbel: "Fugue on the Magnificat". Jones plays Bach: "O mensch bewein". Variousshots of interior of organ, pedals and string Finally Gerald Hendrie plays Bach's "Fugue on the Magnificat".
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Production number: 00525_3047
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