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This film shows a symphony being rehearsed and performed - C.P.E. Bach's Symphony in D - as it was recorded for the Open University gramphone record accompanying the Course. The film traces the var...ious stages of preparation that follow the location of a good source: the conductor and the leader of the orchestra conferring about interpretation and the marking up of the score - with examples of different possible interpretations played by the leader of the orchestra. Then it examines the rehearsal, focussing on the conductor and then on each of the inrtruments in turn, showing how they work both individually and in relation to the conductor. Finally, a full performance of the first movement of the symphony and the beginning of the second movement is filmed. The orchestra is the Croyland Chamber Orchestra, leader Winifred Roberts. The symphony is conducted by Dinah Barsham. Presentation and BBC production are by Alasdair Clayre. The complete recording of Symphony in D by C.P.E. Bach is available on an Open University stereo gramophone record ("The Rise of the Symphony 1", O.U. 11).
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Module code and title: A304, The development of instruments and their music
Item code: A304; 07
First transmission date: 15-05-1974
Published: 1974
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Duration: 00:23:35
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Producer: Alasdair Clayre
Contributors: Dinah Barsham; Winifred Roberts; John Rusby-Smith; Croyland Chamber Orchestra
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Battersea Town Hall
Subject terms: Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel,--1714-1788
Footage description: Programme filmed in Battersea Town Hall during the recording of C.P.E. Bach's 'Symphony in D'. Alasdair Clayre introduces the film, outlining the preliminary work that takes place before the recording day. He discusses with Dinah Barsham and Winifred Roberts, conductor and leader of the Croyland Chamber Orchestra, the preparation of the score and relations between conductor and orchestra. The orchestra play through the first movement. Shots of the gramophone record producer, John Rusby-Smith, adjusting the sound balance in the control cubicle. Dinah Barsham rehearses a number of points with different sections of the orchestra. Other parts work out, individually and in pairs, how to get the required effect in the accoustic of the hall. The producer raises some details with Dinah and the orchestra. Clayre stresses the need to clear up all such points quickly as recordings are made against the clock. Shots of John Rusby-Smith at sound mixer's desk. The orchestra play the whole of the first movement.
Master spool number: 6HT/71414
Production number: 00525_3053
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