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In this programme Karlheinz Stockhausen, interviewed by John Selwyn Gilbert, discusses his early training in the techniques associated with electronic music and the way in which he applies these te...chniques in 'Kontakte', 'Kontakte', premiered in 1960, is a work for electronic instruments pre-recorded on tape and for piano and percussion. Stockhausen explains the genesis of the work, its form and his intentions in associating live musicians with purely synthesized sounds.
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Module code and title: A304, The development of instruments and their music
Item code: A304; 14
First transmission date: 11-09-1974
Published: 1974
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Duration: 00:24:18
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Producer: John Selwyn Gilbert
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Kontakte
Subject terms: Electronic music
Footage description: John Selwyn Gilbert introduces the programme, which consists of an interview with Stockhausen and extracts from 'Kontakte'. Stockhausen first describes the development of his music and the types of sound and instruments he has used. Gilbert introduces Stockhausen's comments on 'Kontakte'. It seems that the piece was always intended to include piano and percussion parts although, as Gilbert later points out, the electronic-only version was published first, in 1959, and the complete work in 1960 Stockhausen explains the significance of the title, referring to the instruments involved: drums, marimbaphone, wood blocks, tamtam and gong, cymbals, cowbells and indian bells; stills of each of these. He explains how the interaction of different timbres produces new ones. Extract of music. He goes on to explain the use of four-channel tape. Diagrams indicate the use being made of each loudspeaker as the second music example is played. He describes other shapes and forms of sound with further examples. He describes in detail a point at the 17th minute, for which the score is shown. John Selwyn Gilbert sums up and Stockhausen summarises the relevance of 'Kontakte' to a study of his work. Credits.
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