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This double length programme introduces students to one of the most important tasks in their year's work - a personal research project on a topic of their own choice. Arthur Marwick introduces a fi...lm of Clive Emsley researching into working-class radicalism in Sheffield in the 1790's. The film describes the background to the work in secondary sources and the additional useful information gained from Industrial Archaeology. It concentrates, however, on newspapers and pamphlets and private papers of the time kept in Sheffield Central Library. The emphasis in the film is on the thought processes involved in the examination of historical evidence. The programme continues with a contrasting piece of research done by Arthur Marwick from printed sources and on a twentieth century subject: Labour Party attitudes to health policy in the 1920's; to what extent they prepared the way for the National Health Service. The sources he examines include Labour Party Conference reports and pamphlets, and the Government's 'Dawson Reort' of 1924. The programme concludes with a discussion of these research projects, and other problems students may face. (The section of the programme which deals with Clive Emsley's research in Sheffield is also available as a self-contained all colour film of approximately 24-minutes duration).
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Alternative title: TV01 and TV02
Module code and title: A401, Great Britain 1750-1950: sources and historiography
Item code: A401; 01; 02
First transmission date: 30-01-1974
Published: 1974
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Producer: Richard Callanan
Contributors: Peter Clarke; Clive Emsley; Chris Harvie; Arthur Marwick
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Health policy; Labour party; Working class
Footage description: Arthur Marwick introduces the programme, which aims to indicate the type of research project students will be required to undertake. Clive Emsley is filmed in Sheffield working on a project concerning working class radicalism in Sheffield in the 1790's. He explains how he would begin the topic. Film of Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, Sheffield with work going on: a craftsman fashions a knife. Film of some unrestored hand forges in Sheffield backstreet. Emsley's commentary indicated their usefulness in a project. In Sheffield Central Library he indicates secondary material that will be useful. In the reaminder of this section of the programme, Emsley examines primary material newspapers: newspapers, pamphlets and private papers. He shows and discusses articles in The Sheffield Advertiser, 1792; The Sheffield Courant, 1793; The Sheffield Register, 1791-2. He then moves onto private papers, still relying on the stock of the Central Library, and gives extracts from a number of letters. A complete list of items referred to is given in the broadcast notes. In the second part of the programme, Arthur Marwick describes in the studio, his work on the Labour Party attitudes towards health policy in the 1920's. Using printed sources only, Marwick explains the lines of thought necessary to carry out this project. The documents, mostly Labour Party publications, which he refers to are listed in the broadcast notes. The final part of the programme consists of a studio discussion between Emsley and Marwick and other members of the course team: Chris Harvie, Peter Clark and John Golby, who consider the two projects and problems that students may face.
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