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Gatehouse of fleet is a small town in the south west of Scotland and was once an important cotton-manufacturing centre. It is rich in relics of its industrial period and an ideal case-study in indu...strial archaeology. Ian Donnachie is the author of "The Industrial Archaeology of Galloway" and is familiar with the documents of the history of the town, He invited Dr. Stafford Linsley, who teaches industrial archaeology at Newcastle-on-Tyne, to visit Gatehouse with him. The film records their exploration of the town and ends with a discussion of the part: the physical evidence of industrial archaeology can play in history as a whole.
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Module code and title: A401, Great Britain 1750-1950: sources and historiography
Item code: A401; 04
First transmission date: 13-03-1974
Published: 1974
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Duration: 00:25:00
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Producer: Nuala O'Faolain
Contributors: Ian Donnachie; Stafford Linsley
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Scotland
Footage description: Introductory titles on a roller caption. Film of the village of Gatehouse-of-Fleet, of Ian Donnachie and Stafford Linsley strolling around, and some shot from a moving car. Shots of the house, designed by Robert Mill, and estate belonging to James Murray of Broughton. Map. Close-up of street names, indicative of the local industry; cotton spinning. Shots of the former harbour and of the tidal River Fleet. Map. Shots of Murray canal, with remains of a swing bridge and ruined cottages. Discussion of canal traffic and the need for documentary evidence to reveal e.g. the relationship of river and canal as navigations. Exploration of the overgrown shell of a cotton mill. Remains of water wheel. Drawing of mill. Discussion of the axle hole and its size in relation to power. In the main street of Gatehouse. Discussion on the middle class housing here. Shots of weavers' homes in back streets. Exploration of two of these derelict houses; clues like large upstairs fireplaces indicate two families per house. Brief exploration of a tannery and a brewery. Final discussion over a print considers Gatehouse as a classic example of a village born of the water-powered industrial revolution, which has survived through becoming a posting town and latterly a tourist centre.
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