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This programme is a compilation of excerpts from film of the time which sheds light on the policy and practice of slum clearance in the thirties. The excerpts come from the following films: A Movietone newsreel of 1930 with Arthur Greenwood then Minister for Health. A Pathe documentary 'The Great Crusade' 1936 A private silent film made by the Kensington Housing Trust in 1935 A celebration of Labour Party successes 'The Voice of the People', made by the London Co-operative Society 1939, An independant documentary 'Housing Progress' made in 1937, A Daily Herald film 'Homes for the People' 1945. The programme ends with a complete documentary made by the Ministry of Information in 1942. It deals with slum clearance in Sheffield and is beautifully photographed by Jo Jago with a script by Dylan Thomas.
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Module code and title: A401, Great Britain 1750-1950: sources and historiography
Item code: A401; 10
First transmission date: 07-08-1974
Published: 1974
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Duration: 00:24:30
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Producer: Richard Callanan
Contributor: Arthur Marwick
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Slum clearance; Slum housing
Footage description: First of 2 programmes using archiove film as hgistorical source for the thirties. Marwick presents the film seated at a Steenbeck editing machine. The first clip shows Arthur Greenwood Minister of Health, on British Movietone News in 1930 appealing for the cooperation of all in solving the problem of slum clearance. (Full details of film is in the broadcast notes). Warwick introduces a clip from 1936 Pathe documentary, 'The Great Crusade' on progress in new housing. Next in 'Kensington Calling' sponsored by the Kensington Housing Trust in 1935 contrasts slum tenements with new flats. This is followed by a London C0-operative society film of 1939 called 'Voice of the People', showing Labour achievements in social welfare. Next Marwick presents an extract from 'Housing Progress', a 1937 Housing Centre film which shows the Watling Estate in Edgwart contrasting council and private estates and garden cities. A film made in 1945 for the Daily Herald as Labour Party propaganda consisting on interviews on current housing problems. This extract from 'Homes of the People' shows a private estate in Feltham where a resident complains of bad design. Finally Marwick introduces a complete Ministry of Information documentary on Sheffield: 'New towns for old', made in 1942, and showing slum clearance, new estates and new town planning in 'Smokedale'.
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