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In this programme Gerald Hendrie discusses the construction of an organ of the classical type and demonstrates the various ranks of pipes and a few of the registrations possible on a medium sized i...nstrument. The organ shown is at Eton College, Windsor, in the school hall. It was built by Johannes Mittenreiter in 1773 and restored by the Dutch firm of Flentrop Orgelbouw in 1973. The instrument has two keyboards and a pedal board and Professor Hendrie plays excerpts from J.S.Bach's Sonata in E Flat, BWV 525 and from Orlando Gibbons' Fantasia in C.
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Module code and title: A304, The development of instruments and their music
Item code: A304; 00
First transmission date: 07-07-1976
Published: 1976
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Duration: 00:41:57
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Producer: John Selwyn Gilbert
Contributor: Gerald Hendrie
Publisher: BBC Open University
Subject terms: Baroque; Eton College; Organ pipes; Bach, Johann Christian, 1735-1782
Footage description: Gerald Hendrie plays the organ in the School Hall at Eton College, Windsor. The programme is a description of features of a baroque organ. Hendrie shows the working of the flue pipes, stopped and open pipes, and the prinzipal stop. (music) Playing an excerpt from Orlando Gibbons' "Fantasia in C", demonstrating 4' and 2' prinzipals, the twelfth and mixture. Plays the same piece on the various flute pipes, then adds the prinzipal stops already used. He demonstrates reed tone and plays the dulcian and trumpet stops. A summary table shows the various types of organ pipe. Hendrie goes on to describe the function of the two keyboards and pedal board, and plays part of the 3rd movement of Bach's Sonata No. 1 in E flat. A table summarises these points. He explains the mechanics of the organ, with the case front removed to show the tracking and roller board. He describes the function of stops not already covered. Finally he asks the viewer to identify certain stops which he plays. A caption gives the answers. A second caption introduces another test: what techniques and registration are used in the extract from the Bach Trio Sonata with which Gerald Hendrie concludes the programme.
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