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This programme sets out to fill a gap in the course; the material is not otherwise covered in the texts, except very briefly. Having viewed the programme the student should be able to relate the w...ay in which electricity took over from steam, gas, and hydraulic power; to explain the essential differences between a magneto-electric generator, and a self-excited dynamo; to account for the role and importance of Ferranti in developing the first power station; to explain the significance of Joules' discovery of the electrical equivalence of heat, i2r, in pointing the way to high voltage electricity transmission; to list three types of transformer. Professor Donald Cardwell, head of the Department of History of Science and Technology at UMIST, presents the story in an outside broadcast from the North Western Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. He employs many of the exhibits there, and calls on the aid of their chief technician, Mr. Sid Barnes, in operating an arc lamp, running up old dynamos, and demonstrating a peak load meter. His description is illustrated with many contemporary photographs and engravings. The programme will make attractive viewing for a non-student audience. Nothing in the programme Is particularly technical, or will be affected by events other than academic changes to the course
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Module code and title: AST281, Science and the rise of technology since 1800
Item code: AST281; 10; 1976
First transmission date: 26-09-1976
Published: 1976
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Producer: Nat Taylor
Contributors: Sid Barnes; Donald Cardwell
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Electric power generators; Electricity supply industry; Ferranti
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Production number: 00525_3291
Videofinder number: 3371
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