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The programme takes a detailed look at the type of computing involved in two of the three major case studies in the course. The first major section is filmed in the data processing section of Koch ...Light Laboratories Ltd and is presented by David Tinsloy (O.U. Consultant). The second section is an interview with Roy Noble (Head of Management Sciences B.O.C.) filmed at British Oxygen Computer Bureau in Oxford Street, London. Both sections contain animated film to show the nature of the computing involved. The programme is introduced by Frank Lovis, (O.U.)
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Module code and title: PM951, Computing and computers
Item code: PM951; 03
First transmission date: 28-04-1973
Published: 1973
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Duration: 00:24:28
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Producer: John Richmond
Contributors: Frank B. Lovis; David Tinsley; Roy Noble
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): British Oxygen Computer Bureau; Data processing; Koch Light Laboratories Ltd; London; Oxford Street
Footage description: Frank Lovis introduces the programme, which compares data processing operations at Koch-Light and BOC. David Tinsley traces the progress of an order received at Koch-Light. He shows the record cards containing customer and product information recorded on magnetic stripes. Tinsley moves to the data preparation room where orders are edited and input forms prepared manually. Shots of records being handled. He then goes to the computer room and shows the information prepared being input to the computer. The computer processing operation is illustrated with an animated film. Stock records are amended and the invoice produced. Tinsley stresses that the Koch-Light system is concerned only with the maintenance of accurate files of individual records. Frank Lovis points out that although this system does have aspects that could be described as typical data processing, the particular computer used makes it a very special application involving a lot of manual handling of information. By comparison the BOC plan 70 system involves one of the largest computers in the country automatically run by advanced operating systems. Roy Noble, at the BOC computer bureau in Oxford Street. General shots of computer operators at work, and equipment. Using graphics he explains the main operations performed here, involving three main programmes. At the hub of calculations performed here is the cost optimiser. Using film animation, Noble explains in detail the type of considerations involved in deciding the cheapest method of fulfilling a particular order. Concluding, Noble states that, in reality, BOC operations involve seven hundred million calculations carried out in a matter of minutes. Average data processing computers cannot handle this volume. In the studio, Frank Lovis sums up the programme.
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