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The programme deals with 3 key ideas in Systems Analysis. The idea of an interface between systems, the role of trials and the involvement of people. These are illustrated by two computer applicati...ons - the control of London's traffic lights and the use by nurses at King's College Hospital. The programme is introduced by Frank Lovis. Roy Noble is on location looking at the Traffic Control Scheme and at King's College Hospital. Don Yeates is in the studio to put the examples into the context of Systems Analysis in general.
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Module code and title: PM951, Computing and computers
Item code: PM951; 09
First transmission date: 01-09-1973
Published: 1973
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Duration: 00:24:27
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Producer: John Richmond
Contributors: Frank B. Lovis; Roy Noble; Don Yeates; Mike Chandler; Joe Janus; C. Brown
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Interface; King's College Hospital; London's traffic lights; Systems analysis
Footage description: Frank Lovis introduces the programme, which covers the London traffic light control system and patient data recording at King's College Hospital. Shots of traffic at junctions. Traffic control room. Monitor screen showing timing plan in use. Ambulance entering King's College Hospital. Hospital Laboratories. Computer room. Printouts. Patients in ward. Staff using interactive terminals. Lovis explains that these two systems can illustrate 3 key ideas in systems analysis: interface between systerrs, the role of trials and the involvement of people. Roy Noble drives along M40 and Marylebone Road, pointing out the interfaces between differing traffic systems. He introduces Mike Chandler in the traffic control room, who explains how the traffic lights are cycled. Noble tests the theory by driving along Gloucester Place. Overhead shots of Westway and Marylebone Road junctions and flyovers. Driver's view of urban traffic jam. Traffic lights at junctions. Map of central London showing traffic systems and interfaces. Mike Chandler. Computer displays monitoring system. Traffic control centre. Drivers eye view of Gloucester Place. In the studios Don Yeates shows a diagram to illustrate the interfaces between subsystems and systems nnd the environment. He introduces the idea of trials to test the effectiveness of systems thus designed. Mike Chandler explains to Roy Noble how the London traffic system at present operating was tested, and how the fixed time pattern will be developed to form a responsive system for the whole of London. High-view shots of junctions. Traffic passing over buried detectors marked by lines on road surface. Buses turning corners. General traffic shot. Animated map showing main routes into London. At Kings College Hospital Joe Janus explains the patient data recording system. As a result of the trials, the task-oriented design was changed to patient-oriented at the nurse's request. Shots of computer room. Golf ball typing head. Loading discs. Joe Janus in computer room. Ward scenes: taking temperatures blood pressure, giving tablets- Interactive terminal in use. Printouts being produced. Computer tape running. Roy Noble stresses that response time for such a system has to be fast. Chief Nursing Officer Miss Brown hopes that the system will lead to more effective deployment of nurses. General ward scenes. Don Yeates in the studio uses a chart to illustrate the various stages at which evaluation must take place when designing a system. At King's College Hospital Miss Brown, Joe James and Sister Shirley give their opinions of the way the system was evaluated. Roy Noble stresses that the degree of staff involvement entailed here would not be possible in every situation. Don Yeates concludes the programme using a chart to show the involvement of the user with computer staff at each stage in the design process.
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