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This, concluding programme of the series discusses the wider social implications of computers. Paul Smoker, by setting out some of the problems he has encountered in computer modelling, generates d...iscussion in the studio on such topics as control, access and implications for the future. Taking part are Dr.Stanley Gill, Dr. Anthony Coxon and the programme is presented by Frank Lovis.
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Module code and title: PM951, Computing and computers
Item code: PM951; 12
First transmission date: 13-10-1973
Published: 1973
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Duration: 00:22:07
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Producer: Ken Patton
Contributors: Frank B. Lovis; Paul Smoker; Stanley Gill; Anthony Coxon
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Access; Computer modelling; Computers; Control; Future implications; Social implications
Footage description: Frank Lovis introduces the programme, which considers the future impact of computers on society and the individual. Paul Smoker, filmed at Lancaster University, considers the use of computer simulations in futurology. He discusses the three groups of variables involved, and the problem of validity. He instances a USAF simulation of international relations TEMPER, which, when critically examined at Lancaster, appeared to be based on \/ery unrealistic data. In the studio, Lovis introduces Stanley Gill and Anthony Coxon. They discuss the points raised by Smoker. On film, Smoker continues by discussing global environment models now in practical use, and the far greater complexity of the world simulation models now being developed. The expense of these restricts them to the politically or economically powerful. He describes an experiment to compare the reactions of students and professional administrators in using the international relations model. In the studio, Coxon draws a distinction between the educational use of computer models and their use in analysing real-life situations. Gill draws attention to the lack of communication between modellers and decision makers. Coxon explains a University of Edinburgh project to provide a computerised information system to assist the individual in interpreting social services regulations and give directions on how to claim benefits to which he is entitled. Shots of the print-out from this system. Coxon, Gill and Lovis discuss legal implications of such information systems. They go on to consider the effect of increasing computerisation on civil rights and on jobs. Summing up. Frank Lovis stresses the need for continuing education as an antidote to the more undersirable effects of the computer on society.
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