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The programme examines the access credit card operations centre at Southend to show the realities of a large computer based information system.
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Module code and title: M352, Computer based information systems
Item code: M352; 01
First transmission date: 10-02-1980
Published: 1980
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Duration: 00:22:08
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Producer: David Saunders
Contributors: David Ashman; Charles Bachman; David Lucas; Reginald May; Mike Newton
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Access; Credit card companies; Honeywell; Information systems; Lloyds bank
Footage description: The programme starts with film of a woman making a purchase with her Access card. In voice over Mike Newton briefly explains that both customer and retailer are participating in a large computer based information system. Newton introduces Charles Bachman, Chief Research Scientist at Honeywell Information System. In interview Bachman describes the basic information elements of a credit card operation. He draws a diagram to indicate the chief components of a credit card information system, describing each operation in turn and showing how they are related to each other. From the credit card operation he draws some conclusion about the basic requirements of any computerbased information system. At the Access headquarters in Southend Newton interviews Reg May, Director of Operations. May lists some of the responsibilities of Access. Shots of Access customer statements being run off, over which Newton stresses the sheer size of the operation. Transaction vouchers are seen arriving at Access, then being input to the computer in the video hall. Newton explains what is happening in voice-over. He then interviews David Lucas, Manager of Data Acquisition, who describes how all information is checked before being added to the main computer files. Newton uses an animated diagram to show how Access update the cardholder data file each time an individual uses his card. In the video hall a woman is seen handling an authorisation enquiry from a retailer. The authorisation code is seen on a VDU. Animation is used to explain how the computer deals with a query regarding authorisation. In interview Reg May briefly describes how Access has coped with its rapid growth and the need for confidentiality of information. Film shows a request for authorisation to exceed a customer's credit limit being transferred from Access to Lloyd's Bank. Shots of the bank using its own computer to authorise the request. Over film of workers leaving the video hall and of disc storage being loaded, Newton describes the batch processing operation to produce statements. In interview Access Head of Data Processing, David Ashman, explains which work is done on-line and off-line. Shots of statements being produced. In interview Bachman describes a theoretical monthly credit card billing operation. He sketches a diagram of this process, then explains how a computer is used to handle information about customer transactions and to produce the appropriate monthly bills. Animations shows how the computer deals with information about customer transactions. Newton explains the whole operation in voice-over. Shots of a retailer exchanging Access vouchers for cash in a bank. In interview Bachman outlines a theoretical operation for handling information about retailer transaction again making a diagram as he goes along. An animal diagram shows a computer file of information about retailers being updated. Film of the Access computer room, where Newman interviews Ashman about long term storage of data. Ashman describes their micro-filming operation. Newton compares the different levels of storage of information used by Access. He explains that Access are contemplating the introduction of more flexible software known as a data base management system. In interview Bachman explains how a data base management system would be used in a credit card operation. He draws a diagram to assist in his explanation. He assesses the significance of data base management systems.
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