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This programme looks at the use of a database in the construction of the Sullom Voe oil terminal.
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Module code and title: M352, Computer based information systems
Item code: M352; 06
First transmission date: 05-07-1980
Published: 1980
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Duration: 00:24:30
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Producer: John Jaworski
Contributors: Peter Barnard; Geoff Jones; Nick Markie; Mike Newton; Ernie Spratt
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): British Petroleum; Building site; COBOL; John Brown Construction; QLP; Sullom Voe
Footage description: Mike Newton introduces the programme from Sullom Voe in Shetland. Film of the huge oil terminal being built there by Constructors John Brown (CJB). On the construction site BP's Ken Walsh explains the purpose of the terminal. Further building site scenes at Sullom Voe. Interview with CJB project engineer Ernie Spratt who comments on the difficulties of bringing in contraction materials by air and sea. Progress Engineer, Nick Markie, also comments on the problems caused by a remote location. From CJB's London office John Wilkinson, the project manager, describes the problems caused by the vast numbers of components used at the Sullom Voe site. He describes CJB's use of pre-assembled consturction units (PAUs). Film of such units at the site. A further interview with Ernie Spratt who describes the possible financial cost should CJB not meet their deadlines. Film of the Sullom Voe site, including a charter plane landing and a huge PAU coming ashore. In voice-over Newton and Walsh describe the arrival of materials in general at Sullom Voe and explain the use of the pre-assembled units. The need for detailed planning is emphasised over shots of on-site offices. Newton shows us a database in the form of computer print-out and comments on its unwieldiness. Interview with Don Barnard, CJB's data processing manager. He sketches the role of computing in the construction of an oil terminal. He briefly explains that COBOL, and QLP are both suitable programming languages. Over shots of a computer terminal and programmers at work Newton explains that the programme will investigate the suitability of COBOL and query language QLP to CJB's site at Sullom Voe. Interview with Peter Barnard, CJB's materials controller. He describes his role. Over shots of office work Newton explains when COBOL is the most suitable language. He explains that COBOL is too time consuming for some CJB requirements. Shots of a PAU arriving at Sullom Voe. Markie gives brief examples of the kind of information needed on the site. Over shots of someone operating a computer terminal Newton explains the need to use QLP. In interview Don Barnard comments on CJB's use of QLP. Interview with Geoff Jones, the database administrator. He uses a visual display unit to demonstrate the use of QLP. In interview Jon Wilkinson explains why QLP is useful to workers at the site. Don Barnard explains how QLP saves the company.time. Geoff Jones explains how QLP can improve productivity. He also points out some drawbacks to using a query language. Over shots of the Sullom Voe construction site Newton briefly comments on the importance of QLP to workers on the site. In interview Markie enlarges on this theme. Jones comments on the importance of making programs suitable for use by anyone. Further film of Sullom Voe, over which Newton briefly comments on the different applications of COBOL and QLP in CJB's computing.
Production number: 00525_4276
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