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This programme sets out to explain the ideas of function, domain and codomain, and to show how two functions can be composed to form a single function.
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Module code and title: MS283, An introduction to calculus
Item code: MS283; 04
First transmission date: 28-03-1979
Published: 1979
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Duration: 00:24:16
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Producer: David Saunders
Contributors: Roger Duke; Norman Gowar
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Domain; Letter posting; Temperature; Black box; Centigrade; Fahrenheit
Footage description: Norman Gowar introduces the programme with three everyday examples of functions; the cost of posting a letter as a function of its weight, the height of the end of a rotating rod, as a function of the angle through which it has rotated, and the temperature in degrees centigrade, as a function of temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. Roger Duke discusses functions in terms of a 'black box' in which the function can be defined by a statement of what it does. He defines the domain and codomain of a function in the process. Animated diagrams and still graphics help to illustrate his points. Roger Duke, with the aid of animation, looks inside the 'black box' of the function to examine the rules which link the domain and codomain in the three examples discussed at the start of the programme. Duke goes on to plot functions graphically. He points out why it is often desirable to represent a function in this way. Duke shows the graphs of the three functions discussed at the start of the programme. Norman Gowar explains how functions can be composed. He uses the temperature conversion rule which is a composition of two simple functions and an example from photography to illustrate his points.
Master spool number: 6HT/73035
Production number: 00525_4313
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