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Shot of an array of small solar cells connected in parallel to provide current for an electric motor. Light is switched on and the solar cells provide power for the motor. David Blackburn introduce...s the programme. He describes the parameters of this and the next programme. (all aspects of solar cells will be examined). Blackburn with a model of a solar cell. He uses the model to describe the materials used in construction, construction techniques and their principles of operation. Shots of an array of solar cells for the Intel Sat 4 satellite. Blackburn with a model of Intel Sat. He discusses the costs of providing solar cells for statellites. Shots of electric and conventional coal burning power station. Blackburn compares total costs (including social costs) of electricity generated in this way with that of solar cells. Ian Lowe uses a spectrometer to test the optical properties of silicone (used in solar cells). Lowe demonstrate that light of certain wave lengths is absorbed by silicone and converted to an electric charge. D. Blackburn with an animated diagram showing an electron/hole pair model. The diagram shows the creation, through photon bombardment of electron/ hole pairs and their properties of diffusion, drift and re-combination. Film sequence of an experiment by Shockley and Haynes in which they redo their 1949 Nobel Prize winning experiment. This experiment demonstrate the existence of electron/hole pairs and their properties of diffusion, drift and re-combination. "Experiment demonstrated the importance of minority carries in semi-conductors and their principal dynamic features: diffusion, drift, re-combination".
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Module code and title: TS251, An introduction to materials
Item code: TS251; 08
First transmission date: 12-05-1973
Published: 1973
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Producer: Peter Clark
Contributors: David Blackburn; Ian Lowe
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Charge carriers; Communications satellite; Diffusion; Drift; Electric motor; Electron-hole pairs; Light wavelength; Manufacturing costs; Recombination; Silicon solar cell
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Production number: 00525_5034
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