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This course includes three TV programmes that are concerned with technological change, one at product level, another at systems level, and this one at community level. The aim of the programme is t...o refer to the implications of technological change on the three principle themes of the course, Work, Shelter, and Food. For the student, the objectives are to recognise and to be able to discuss the problems that arise in the transition from conventional society and "high" technology to community life, and low technologies. The colour film opens with the location, shots of the valley, form and developments at "Eithin-y-gaer", and is documented "May 1974", since developments there will be rapid on the life span of this course. The lyrics and guitar playing of one of the eight adult community members, Peter Lockerman, establishes the height of technological urban living against which they are reacting. Little academic commentary is used, only to set up key scenes, names and so on. Otherwise all the information in the film comes in the voices of the BRAD group and in montaged pictures of them at work and rest. Topics covered include, personal motivations for setting up the group, gaining skills and crafts, relations with neighbours and local community, experimental hardware, effects on individuals and married couples, expectations for future development. The Course Team's intention is that we should prepare an updating radio programme, recorded 12 months after the film, to demonstrate the rate of progress and change. In terms of academic purpose, the film however, stands up quite well without updating. The programme makes quite comprehensible lay-viewing. It should be noted that the group was at first reluctant to admit a film crew, being worried about misrepresentation by the "media", and had already turned away other BBC and ORTF producers, this material should not be available for use out of context by other BBC programmes.
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Module code and title: T262, Man-made futures: design and technology
Item code: T262; 04
First transmission date: 1975
Published: 1975
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Producer: Colin Robinson
Contributor: Nigel Cross
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Community life; Craft skills; Eithin-y-gaer; Experimental hardware; Future development; Neighbours; Technological change
Master spool number: 6HT/71563
Production number: 00525_5142
Videofinder number: 2677
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