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What should a local Authority do with its rubbish? In this lively programme, Andrew Porteous of the Open University presents the options and George Cooper, Chief Cleansing Officer with Bradford Cit...y Corporation,gives the reasons for Bradford's choice. The programme compares Bradford's incineration process at Hammerton Street within the city, with their controlled tipping operation at Odsal just outside the city. Bradford's limited recycling process is also examined and the pros and cons discussed.
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Module code and title: PT272, Environmental control and public health
Item code: PT272; 05
First transmission date: 14-06-1975
Published: 1975
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Duration: 00:24:30
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Producer: David Jackson
Contributors: George Cooper; Andrew Porteous
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Hammerston Street Bradford; Recycling; Rubbish; Waste disposal; Waste paper
Footage description: Opening shots show a refuse lorry driving into the incinerator plant at Hammerston Street, Bradford. George Cooper describes the operations in conversation with Andrew Porteous: both are off camera throughout the programme. Shots of refuse being tipped into hopper: screening to remove ash and dust, using a helical screw. Men sorting rubbish on a conveyor by hand, removing saleable items. A magnetic separator is used to remove tins from the conveyor belt. They are compacted, baled and stacked. The incineration process is described and illustrated. Refuse is top loaded, the clinker removed hydraulically, quenched and dropped outside. Shots of over a ton of yoghurt being burnt as it could not be distributed on time. Shots of sheep's hooves and polystyrene sheeting being burnt. Porteous discusses the waste of resources and possible alternatives, and Cooper explain the combustion problems, and the fume production. Shots of smoke emission from the stack. Waste paper being conveyed to baling press and baled. Cooper discusses the economics of collecting waste paper separately. Shots of street collection, and bags being baled. Porteous raises the possibility of hydrolysis or pyrolysis as a recovery process. They move on to discuss controlled tipping. Shots of Bradford's tip and the treatment plant recently installed for the leachate. Close up of the leachate and of the filter bed. Cooper explains the need for it. Shots of lorries stuck in mud on the tip being hauled off by tractors. Lorries tipping bulky refuse, broken TV sets etc. Lorries tipping hardcore, used to build access roads on the tip. Shots of land gulls scavenging. Chicken legs exposed, Porteous discusses health hazards. Shots of powdery industrial waste being dumped. Discussion of the problem of knowing load contents and the risk of chemical fires. Shots of one. Cooper explains how they are dealt with. Credits over exterior shots of the incinerator plants.
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