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Gives for and against views on the Leeds disco noise limitation legislation of 1973.
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Module code and title: PT272, Environmental control and public health
Item code: PT272; 06
First transmission date: 26-07-1976
Published: 1976
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Duration: 00:24:30
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Producer: David Jackson
Contributors: Keith Attenborough; Alec Bird; Peter Bull; Ron Fearn; Ronny Millet; Frank Reynolds; Peter- Smith
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Audio; Discos; Environmental health; Graphy; Leeds; Noise pollution; Tiffany's Leeds
Footage description: Titles over shots of disco dancers in Tiffany's, Leeds. Keith Attenborough, voice over throughout the programme, introduces it. Shot of 'Yorkshire Post' headline about Leeds' restrictions on discotheque noise levels. Ron Fearn, interviewed at Leeds Polytechnic, mentions his findings. Ronny Millet, chairman of Leeds sub-committee on environmental health, and Frank Reynolds, Chief Environmental Health Officer, outline their positions. Frank is interviewed in the Merrion Centre, Leeds. Alec Bird, at Tiffany's, a consultant called in by Mecca, gives his views. Peter Smith and Peter Bull discuss the use of the sound level switch as a means of controlling at source. Views on the validity of setting a peak level as an enforcable limit are given by Millet and Smith. Keith Attenborough talks to Ron Fearn about his findings from audiograms of disco attenders. Shots of student carrying out audiometric tests on another student. Fearn talks about Leq measurement. Attenborough talks to Millet and Smith about the effect of the imposition of Leeds' 93dBA limit. Millet and Reynolds explain what happened in 1974 and future policy. Bird, Fearn and Smith explain what they think future policy should be. Credits over disco scenes and music.
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