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At the Art and Environment Summer School held at Brighton in July and August 1976, students were given an opportunity to work in lots of different media. This programme is a kaleidoscope of many o...f the projects and events that took place - photography, pictorial art, objets trouve's, film, video, electronic music, dance, games, instant theatre, think-ins and talk-outs. The programme is presented by Burton Naiditch, a founder member of the New Games Foundation from San Francisco, who was a tutor on the course. He comments, "The processes going on in the Summer School are sometimes very difficult for somebody not involved in that process to see. Many of the things in this programme are end products, but much of what happened was part of a process that produced no end-product; but the experience of going through that process is a very important thing towards developing who you are, and what it is that you want to create." Remember! Today's art is tomorrow's rubbish, and today's rubbish might just conceivably be tomorrow's art!.
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Module code and title: TAD292, Art and environment
Item code: TAD292; 11
First transmission date: 09-10-1976
Published: 1976
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Producer: Peter Clark
Contributor: Burton Naiditch
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Amateur film; Art; Creativity; Electronic music; Environment; Summer School
Footage description: Burton Naiditch introduces the programme, explaining that students handled many kinds of media at Summer School. Electronic music heard over black and white stills of various materials used by students. Naiditch states the larger philosophical aims of the Summer School. Film of students doing a printing project. Over shots of work produced by students, Naiditch explains that the projects facilitate "the process of exploring oneself". Film of two students recording electronic sounds. They explain the nature of their projects. Electronic sounds are played over distorted photographs of a dance group. Film of Naiditch with a group of students playing outdoor games,In voice-over Naiditch explains the purpose of these games. They are described as "a concept in community recreation". A brief animation is shown. Naiditch explains that a number of students used film in their projects'. An example is shown, in which the experiences of a Summer School student are humorously recounted. A second student film is shown, showing student activities at Brighton. Naiditch introduces some photographic collages that include pieces of rubbish. A film animation is shown accompanied by rock music. Students are seen filming. In interview, a student explains that his group's film on the vitality of life is intended as a condemnation of Hiroshima. The film is seen, accompanied by an electronic sound-track. Afterwards, another of its makers explains what the film means for her. Naiditch explains that the Summer School had many visiting tutors. A discussion on the subject of films is observed. The programme concludes with film of a student's Ear Cinic 'a humorous investigation awareness of sounds. In voice-over, a student explains the object of this exercise. Credits.
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