The programme looks at two telephone exchanges; a manual PBX and an automatic electronic switching system.
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Module code and title: T321, Telecommunication systems
Item code: T321; 09
First transmission date: 12-06-1976
Published: 1976
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Duration: 00:23:26
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Producer: Tony Jolly
Contributors: Malcolm Hamer; G.(Gaby) Smol
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Animated diagrams; Automatic electronic system; Automatic transfer; Delayed transfer; Digital circuits; Manual PBX; Operator; Telephone exchange; TST switch
Footage description: Malcolm Hamer, at the Alexandra Palace manual switchboard, introduces the programme. Hamer explains what manual operations the operator must perform in order to connect a call. As he talks an operator goes through the motions step by step and then demonstrates by connecting a call. Hamer looks at the various functions of a manual exchange (signalling, control, switching) pointing out their similarity to the functions of an automatic exchange. Hamer points out the control function of the manual switchboard operator in detail. Shots of an operator at work at the Alexandra Palace switchboard. Hamer also points out the information storage and address translation facility provided by the operator. More shots of operators at work. Hamer discusses some of the problems involved in providing sophisticated facilites in an automatic exchange. Gaby Smol with an experimental automatic exchange. Using a circuit diagram, he explains how the system works. Smol then looks inside the exchange mechanism and points out the various parts, explaining what each does. Malcolm Hamer, with the aid of diagrams, examines the signalling and switching circuits of the automatic exchange. He begins with a detailed look at the switching circuits and then a brief look at the signalling circuits. Gaby Smol displays the bit stream for the exchange's forward common highway on an oscilloscope. He then goes on to demonstrate the automatic exchange by using several of its facilities. Smol sums up.
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