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The programme examines some of the plans of the State of California for dealing with earthquake disasters.
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Module code and title: TD342, Systems performance: human factors and systems failures
Item code: TD342; 12
First transmission date: 15-08-1976
Published: 1976
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Duration: 00:24:30
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Producer: John Groom
Contributors: Alfred Alquist; Eugene Haas; John Meehen; Geoff Peters; Alex Cunningham; Ron Reynolds; William Ward
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): California; Earthquake planning; Field Act of 1933; Rescue co-ordination; School buildings; Sociology
Footage description: Film shots of the aftermath of the 1972 earthquake in Managua, Nicaragua. Film consists of BBC news reports with commentary by John Humphreys. These are shown at various points in the programme. Prof. Eugene Haas (Univ. of Colorado) discusses, briefly, the problem of providing relief supplies to a disaster area. More BBC news film with commentary by John Humphreys. Haas next briefly, discusses the looting which took place in Managua following the earthquake. More BBC film reports of the Managua disaster. John Humphreys interviews a doctor on the scene who explains some of the organisational problems which were encountered. Film shots of San Francisco and of Ron Reynolds (Radio Station KMBR announcer) doing a test of the emergency broadcasting system. Short pieces of commentary by Geoff Peters over the film. Peters introduces Alex Cunningham (Deputy Director, California Office of Emergency Services) who explains the function of his department. Film shots of an announcement being made by the Office of the Governor, declaring parts of the State a disaster area following an earthquake. The announcement is part of a simulation exercise to check the emergency response plan. General Ames (California Nation. Guard) explains, very briefly, the role of the military in disaster relief operations. Bill Ward, (California Office of Emergency Services) points out the unique character of an earthquake disaster and the special problems this poses. More film shots of the control room during a disaster relief simulation. Commentary by Peters. Prof. Haas, Geoff Peters and Alex Cunningham discuss the problem of having disaster relief personnel turn up during an earthquake emergency when they may well be involved in looking after wives and families. More film shots of the disaster relief simulation Prof. Haas discusses the maintenance of law and order during an earthquake disaster with particular reference to the problem of looting. The programme now shifts to a discussion on steps which were taken in California to alleviate the effects of an earthquake before it happens. Prof. Haas, Geoff Peters, Jack Meehan (State Architect) and Senator Alfred Alguist join the discussion which ranges from the effect of the 1933 Long Beach earthquake and the resulting Field Act, to what is being done at present, particularly with school and hospital buildings. Shots of the aftermaths of the Long Beach and 1971 San Fernando earthquakes. Senator Alguist stresses the political difficulty to making effective progress. Credits (over shots of San Francisco).
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