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The programme examines the processes involved in manufacturing large pressure vessels at Clarke Chapman Ltd.
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Module code and title: T351, Materials under stress
Item code: T351; 06
First transmission date: 24-04-1976
Published: 1976
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Duration: 00:24:16
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Producer: David Nelson
Contributors: Dale Partridge; Ken Reynolds
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Fault avoidance; Flame cutting; Laboratory tests; Pressure vessel; Roll bending; Welding
Footage description: Dale Partridge very briefly introduces the programme. Ken Reynolds, at the Clarke Chapman Ltd. Works, discusses the code of practice in operation for the manufacture of pressure vessels. Over film of steel plate being cut and moved about the yard, Reynolds explains how plate is chosen and tested for particular jobs. Film of a steel plate being turned into a cylindrical shape by hot rolling. Commentary by Reynolds explains each step of this process. Film of pressure cylinder end caps being pressed. Commentary by Reynolds explains the process. Dale Partridge, Clarke Chapman Ltd., lists some of the considerations which must be taken into account before manufacturing a pressure vessel (method of fabrication, size of plate, etc.) Reynolds explains why electric arc rather than gas welding is used to join together the sections and seams of a pressure vessel. Film shots of manual electric arc welding being done. Dale Partridge briefly points out which processes are welded manually and which are automated. Film shots of the submerged arc process used for welding circumferential seams in pressure vessels. Commentary by Reynolds. He goes on to examine close up shots of sample edge sections and explains how the quality of welds can vary. Reynolds goes on to examine the electro-slag process for welding straight seams. Film shots of the process. Reynolds goes on to look at close-ups of sample welds and explains how the quality of these welds varies. Film of welding being annealed in a furnace at 650°C. Commentary by Reynolds. He goes on to explain how components too large for the furnace are annealed. Film of an x-ray examination of welds being carried out. Commentary by Reynolds. He goes on to look at an x-ray photograph of a weld and points out the faults. Dale Partridge and Ken Reynolds explain and demonstrate ultrasonic examination of welds. The advantages of this technique are pointed out. Reynolds sums up.
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