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The programme consists mainly of excerpts from a film shot in China in 1972/73 by Joris Ivens. It shows how industry there integrated with community activities and also shows examples of real parti...cipation, at all levels, in industrial decision making.
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Module code and title: T361, Control of technology
Item code: T361; 08
First transmission date: 26-09-1978
Published: 1978
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Duration: 00:24:28
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Producer: David Nelson
Contributor: Martin Lockett
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): 3-in-1 concept; Coal dust pollution; Generator factory; Locomotive factory; Pollution control; Technical innovation teams; Wall posters
Footage description: Martin Lockett introduces the programme. Film shot in a Shanghai generator factory shows workers putting on a play which acts out how they built a giant generator. The excerpt points out conflict between an old experienced worker and an engineer. It ends with the engineer presenting his self-criticism. Martin Lockett explains the concept of the 3-in-1 technical innovation teams (management, engineers, workers) used in Chinese industry. Film shot in a Peking locomotive factory shows suspension springs being manufactured. It goes on to show members of a 3-in-1 group explain how the 3-in-1 concept works in practice. Lockett briefly introduces the next sequence. Film of a recycling shop attached to a locomotive factory. The film shows oil and cotton pads from freight car axles being recycled. Commentary explains how the shop is organised. Lockett introduces a sequence on pollution control. Film shot at the Peking locomotive factory shows workers talking about the problem of coal dust pollution which was tackled and solved by the 3-in-1 groups there. The film goes on to show coal dust trapped by filters being made into briquettes for cooking and heating. Lockett introduces a sequence on the use of wallposters as a means of popular participation in and as a method for worker criticism of management in individual plants. Film of workers reading wall posters at their plant. Film goes on to show a group of workers preparing a wall poster of their own setting out detailed criticism of management. Finally, film shows workers putting up their own poster. Film goes on to show a meeting between representatives of the workers and management to discuss the criticisms found on the posters. The meeting ends with the manager admitting his mistakes and promising to do better in future.
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