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The programme examines a complex control system, that of the hydrofoil. It looks at the engineering components, interaction between them and the approach to the logic of the system.
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Module code and title: T391, Control engineering
Item code: T391; 07
First transmission date: 30-08-1978
Published: 1978
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Duration: 00:22:00
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Producer: Edward Smith
Contributors: John Monk; Will Wright
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Boeing jetfoil; Control engineering; Hydrofoil
Footage description: ISound Aerial and other film shots of a passenger hydrofoil craft cruising along. Will Wright (v/o) introduces the programme. John Monk lists the functions of a passenger hydrofoil and then very briefly, describes how a hydrofoil works. Shots of the craft, inside and out, including the bridge. An animated diagram shows the control surfaces (flaps, etc.) which are incorporated in a hydrofoil. John Monk, inside the passenger cabin, explains how an engineering problem is broken down into manageable proportions. He isolates the hydrofoil ride control system as one such portion the total system. Monk lists the four movements which describe the ride of the craft and explains how they must be controlled. Monk, using a model and a control system block diagram, explains how an interacting system like this controls the roll of the craft. Film shots of the hydrofoil craft in dry dock. John Monk (v/o) points out the foils. He then goes on to examine the controls in the wheelhouse. Over shots of height transducers mounted on the hull, John Monk explains how signals from these transducers are routed to the control system. Shots of the control box and of an animated diagram. John Monk examines a block diagram for the system as a whole. He reviews the methods by which the craft is controlled. He then explains, with the aid of the block diagram, the nature of a cascaded control system. John Monk looks in detail at the actuator part of the control system. He uses a bicycle pump to model an actuator and also shows a spoon valve which initiates the hydraulic signals to the actuator. Shots of the hydrofoil's engine room. John Monk (v/o) explains how engine speed is controlled in the craft. John Monk (on the deck of the hydrofoil) sums up the programme. Film of a hydrofoil craft during a cruise. Final brief words by Will Wright over film.
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Production number: 00525_5323
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