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The programme visits the aluminium die casting works of J V Murcott and Co. Ltd., in Birmingham. The die casting process is examined with particular emphasis on the problem of making the dies.
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Module code and title: T352, Materials processing
Item code: T352; 08
First transmission date: 17-06-1979
Published: 1979
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Duration: 00:24:00
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Producer: Barrie Whatley
Contributors: J V Murcott; Ken Reynolds; Alan Murcott; Peter Murcott
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Aluminium alloy; Aluminium die casting; Cavities/casting defects; Die/mould; Pressure die casting; Retractable cores
Footage description: Film shots of the furnace at J V Murcott & Co. and of molten aluminium being run off. Commentary by Ken Reynolds introduces the programme. Film of lightweight aluminium brake drums being cast around steel liners. Shots of the drums being dipped and deburred. Reynolds describes the process. Reynolds examines some cast aluminium boot studs and a cast aluminium gas regulator in cross section pointing out shrinkage cavities which are inevitable in the casting process. Film of an aluminium brake drum with a steel insert being manufactured. Reynolds points out some of the problems which have to be thought out when the dies involved are first made. Ken Reynolds interviews three of the working directors of the firm - J V Murcott, Alan Murcott and Peter Murcott. They discuss how casting orders are placed, the cost of preparing a die and some aspects of the design of a die. Shot of a casting and of its design drawing while they talk. Film of a die being cut from a die block. Commentary by Reynolds explains what is happening. Alan Murcott with the finished die describes in detail how it was made and gives the reasons for some of the design features. Ken Reynolds and Alan Murcott look at a sophisticated die containing cores which have to be retracted before the casting can be removed. Over shots of a casting being made and of micrograph of the alloy casting, Reynolds explains why it is important for dies to last a long time with minimum wear and distortion. He points out why the inner structure of the die metal is so vital in die making.
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