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This programme examines the potential conflict between the teacher's effort to control the shaping of knowledge in the classroom and the pupils' attempts to join in the shaping. Douglas Barnes, Lec...turer at the Institute of Education of the University of Leeds, introduces and comments on parts of a geography lesson given to a class of third form children in a large South London comprehensive school. Several of the strategies adopted by the teacher are noted. Where Douglas Barnes wishes to draw attention to specific points, parts of the lesson are repeated. There is no commentary over the final section of the programme, but students are requested to consider several questions asked in the programme, but students are requested to consider several questions asked in the programme and in their Broadcast Notes that arise from this part of the lesson.
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Module code and title: E262, Language and learning
Item code: E262; 04
First transmission date: 28-04-1973
Published: 1973
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Producer: David Seligman
Contributor: Douglas Barnes
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Classroom knowledge; Crown Woods comprehensive school; Douglas Barnes; Geography lesson; Living in cities; New town; Teacher strategies
Footage description: Douglas Barnes introduces the programme. He looks at the approaches to learning and teaching from the student and teacher view points, he talks about the dilemma of teachers and about the variety of methods that can lead to different kinds of response from children. Talks also about the problem of measuring effectiveness of teacher's method of teaching and about pupils response to what is taught. He introduces a Geography lesson for us to consider the problems that emerge. Crown Woods Comprehensive School, London SE9 Shots of a geography lesson on 'Living in Cities! The children are looking at a map of Britain on which areas of high population density are marked and are trying to locate these areas on a map in their atlases. The geography lesson continues with a discussion on conurbations. The teacher explains what a conurbation is and asks the pupils about the problems involved in living in one. As the discussion ensues Douglas Barnes assesses the method the teacher adopts and the response of the children to her technique. Parts of the sequence are replayed and Douglas Barnes comments upon them. A shot of the second part of the lesson. The same class put forward ideas for the purpose of solving problems that prevail in conurbations. A replay is made of the discussion and Douglas Barnes points out the merits and demerits of the teacher's method of teaching as well as the potential conflict between the teacher's attempt to control the shaping of knowledge and the pupils' opportunities to join in the shaping. Douglas Barnes introduces another part of the lesson in which is discussed the problems involved in planning an imaginary New Town, fifty miles from London. A project is then given to them to plan such a New Town which is in outlined already.
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