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Talking and Literature1is introduced by David Grugeon, a consultant contributor to the 'Language and Learning' course. After showing how people of all ages recount narratives of different kinds, tw...o groups of students, one from a college of education and the other from a comprehensive school, are shown discussing a short story, 'A Message from the Pig Man' by John Wain. The discussion highlights the similarities in their approach and the kind of discussion which takes place in the students' initial response to a work of literature. The seven extracts which have been selected from the longer discussion are linked by comments from David Grugeor. The fianl extract is used as the primary material for a Tutor Marked Assignment.
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Module code and title: E262, Language and learning
Item code: E262; 05
First transmission date: 12-05-1973
Published: 1973
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Producer: David Seligman
Contributor: David Grugeon
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): "A Message from the Pig-Man"; College of education; Comprehensive school; John Wain; Literature extracts; Narratives; Student approaches; Student discussion
Footage description: David Grugeon talks about oral response to literature. He then introduces a number of film clips to demonstrate the closeness of literature to life. A film shot of several children; some are being read to, others reading "Jack and Jill" Another tells a story to her class. Another shot shows a tombstone erected in memory of five people who died of cholera in 1832. Children enact the scene as it might have happened, with a town crier and mourners. An old woman talks about her experience in Daventry when she and a group of other women marched in protest to a work house during a period of depression and scarcity. David Grugeon talks about the privateness of the relationship that exists between reader and author. He also talks about how full critical response can be achieved. He then introduces two separate film shots of student teachers at Furzedown College of Education and pupils at Monks Walk School discussing their immediate response to a short story "A message from the Pig-Man "by John Wain. He then poses questions about the sort of response shown by the contributors. Four student-teachers discuss the short story. They explore the writer's attitude in the story as well as the characters. They also discuss the story: its message and what it means in relation to life. Four pupils in Monks Walk School (comprehensive) discuss the child parent relationship theme in the story. The family set up in the story becomes the dominant feature of their discussion David Grugeon introduces excerpts of the student teachers' discussion again to show development of thought in their appreciation of the short story. David Grugeon assesses the last sequence and introduces further excerpts. Student teachers discuss the story again. They relate their appreciation of the work to passages from it. Superimposed is an excerpt of the Monks Walk School students recollecting personal experiences which they consider relevant to interpretation of the story. David Grugeon assesses the last sequence. He recaps on the students childhood associations which are used to reflect on the story. He then introduces the two groups again talking about the identity of the Pig-Man. Shot of the school children discussing the identity of the Pig - Man. The student - teachers discuss the Pig-Man, too, exploring possibilities and referring to the text. David Grugeon, in assessing the last sequence, points out the various processes that are useful for group discussion of literature. He speculates on the effects of the frequency of such discussions. He then introduces another excerpt. Shot of the school schildren discussing the story again.
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