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This programme shows how an educational experiment can be conducted for a particular purpose. Various stages of the method adopted are discussed in a practical situation.
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Module code and title: E341, Methods of educational enquiry: an empirical approach
Item code: E341; 07
First transmission date: 04-08-1973
Published: 1973
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Duration: 00:23:25
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Producer: Vic Lockwood
Contributors: Rhys Davies; Philip Williams
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Amman Valley Comprehensive School; Cuisenaire method; Educational experiment; Fractions; Multi-model method; Symbolic representations
Footage description: Teacher in a classroom of children using a set of materials to work out fractions. The teacher who designed the material is introduced and a child uses the material to demonstrate the effectiveness of the method. From his experience Rhys Davies talks about the problems children find difficult to resolve in fractions. How he sets about helping his class is shown in a practical exercise. Rhys Davies falks about the set of materials he has produced for children to use in a concrete way to assist with the problem of symbolic representations. Rhys Davies talks about how he tested the effectiveness of his set of materials against other sets, using groups of children. Rhys Davies talks about the three teaching methods used on the three groups. In the first experiment the traditional method is adopted in which a group of children is seen with their teacher (Rhys Davies) working out sums. Phillip Williams describes the second treatment of experiment in the Cuisenaire method. The children receive the same number of lessons from the same teacher as in the previous experiment. The children are seen with Rhys Davies working out sums. The multi-model method - the third treatment of experiment - is then introduced. Phillip Williams not only describes the method but also indicates how it is different from the other two. Rhys Davies then points out how the equivalents of the groups were checked before the experiment was started. The variables used to test the children are flashed on the screen. Points are made by Davies about the significance of these. A class is then shown in which some of these variables are tested. Rhys Davies tells Phillip Williams about the further tests he had carried out after the three teaching method experiments in order to ascertain the level of retention. He also talks about problems of fairness for each experiment. Phillip Williams concludes the programme by talking about Rhys Davies' experiment, now in its fourth year of existence. He points out the essential features necessary in conducting an educational experiment and why Rhys Davies' experiment was chosen.
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