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Throughout this course, the students have been involved in a research project on pupils' attitudes to school. Their principal task is to collect data in the class room. This data is collated and an...alysed by the central course team. In this programme Tony Pickup and Dr. John Bynner present the student findings on attitudes to school. They discuss results on the relationship between attitude to school and streaming selection, religion, age and sex. They also consider the personal characteristics of pupils with positive and negative attitudes to school. These findings are based on a refined sample of 16,000 pupils.
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Module code and title: E341, Methods of educational enquiry: an empirical approach
Item code: E341; 08
First transmission date: 08-09-1973
Published: 1973
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Producer: Vic Lockwood
Contributors: John Bynner; Tony Pickup
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Age; Attitudes to school; Data collection; Personal characteristics; Religion; Research project; Sex; Streaming selection; Variables
Footage description: Tony Pickup talks about the data collected by students of the course for their various projects. Indicates that the purpose of the programme is to note the extent to which the results reflect the theory put forward in project orientation. Shot of John Bynner talking sbout what will be done in the course of the programme with the data collected. Tony Pickup is seen with a model of the map of Britain. With it he shows the regional distribution of attitudes to school. Scores are given, using the Sumner Attitude Scale, where the lowest and highest points are attained. From these certain conclusions are drawn. John Bynner points out the characteristics of school and children's attitudes towards them. More figures were used to ascertain whether there is a relation between the ability level of the group of children tested and attitudes to school. Certain conclusions are drawn. Tony Pickup looks at the characteristic of school selection from the point of view of whether there is difference in attitudes between children attending selective schools from those attending non-selective schools. The mean scores from each group are given and interpretations drawn. John Bynner talks about the attitudes to school size and age. He attempts to relate views generally held about size of schools to research findings. He also uses modules to explain their findings and from these conclusions are drawn. In turn he discusses age range with attitude to school. Tony Pickup uses a graph according to the Sumner Scale to show the attitudes of boys and girls to school. He also introduces another graph according to the Entwistle O2 Scale to show comparison. Certain conclusions are drawn from the differences in the two representations. Tony Pickup uses a graph according to the Sumner Scale to show attitude representation of mean scores. He uses the Entwistle O2 Scale as well. Certain conclusions are drawn and the distribution curves are also compared. John Bynner shows a list of other characteristics which have been compiled. The correlation of these attributes with attitude to school is examined. Variables and scores for juniors and seniors are given using both Sumner and Entwistle O2 scales. Conclusions are drawn. The use of another statistical technique - multiple regression - is explained: how it can be used to find out the proportion of variation in attitudes to school explained by other variables. Tony Pickup talks about how the Sumner Scale is used to draw up a picture of the high and low scoring individuals. He explains how this is done. Results of profiles are shown using variables.
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