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This programme is a re-edited version of 'One Degree Under', programme 5, in the BBC series 'Trials of Life' first broadcast in March 1971. It compares the lives of two East End brothers, one a uni...versity student, the other in casual employment.
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Module code and title: E352, "Education, economy and politics"
Item code: E352; 04
First transmission date: 19-05-1973
Published: 1973
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Duration: 00:24:23
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Producer: Tony Bates
Contributors: George Ferris; Roger Mills
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): "One Degree Under"; Ashburton School Choir; BBC 1 "Trials of Life"; Educational routes; London's East End; Miss Barrand; Occupational choice; Ronnie Ferris; Sebright Junior School, Shoreditch; Social processes; The Humblebums; Working class brothers
Footage description: Programme is a re-edited version of 'One degree Under' programme 5 in the BBC TV series 'Trials of Life'. Opening shots show scenes in Royal Albert Hall during London University graduation ceremony, with graduates presented to the Queen Mother. Intercut with shots of school children in various activities. Titles over. Opening music: 'See the conquering hero comes' from 'Judas Maccabaeous', Handel - Commentary by Roger Mills. Extract from Queen Mother's speech. Shot of Mr. Ferris: father of the two brothers. Mills outlines their different careers and George and Ronnie elaborate. Shots of George working in university library and Ronnie loading van. Their primary school teacher, Miss Barrand, comments. Shots of Sebright Junior School, Shoreditch, and school photos of George and Ronnie. George and Ronnie comment on the 11 plus. School scenes. Mills follows up Ronnie's story: his interview with the Youth Employment Officer and a succession of short lived jobs. Shots of an interview in a Youth Employment Office. George talks about his successful school career. Shots of a Speech Day: cups, prize giving, audience, chairman. Shot of examination room: pupils taking G.C.E.'s. Ashburton School Choir sing 'Play the Game'. George enters the London School of Economics. Shots of him walking through the entrance. Music : Rick Rack, by the Humblebums. Shots of L.S.E. library, Students union bar. Two more verses of Rick Rack. Shots of Ronnie in his van, commenting on his own attitude to life. George talks about career prospects and what he wants out of life. Shots of students being interviewed on 'the milk round'. Shots of George at tutorials. Newspaper adverts. George reading in bed. Montage of voices reading extract from letters. George taking his finals: students entering L.S.E., exam room, students in pub. George and Ronnie talk about the future, and who is better prepared. Shots of Hoxton Street Market and other street scenes.
Master spool number: 6HT/70801
Production number: 00525_6019
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