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Examines on reading centre at a London junior school, and provision of individualised reading instruction at two American air base schools in Oxfordshire
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Module code and title: PE951, Reading Development
Item code: PE951; 08
First transmission date: 01-08-1973
Published: 1973
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Duration: 00:21:44
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Producer: Ed Milner
Contributors: Jenny Cundy; Elizabeth Hunter
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Individual progress in reading; London Junior School; Reading centre; Reading improvement specialists; Reading programs
Footage description: Programme opens with a short sequence showing a reading centre in Sherbrooke Junior School, London. Teacher Jenny Cundy uses published work: cards with two children. Elizabeth Hunter comments voice over and introduces the rest of the programme which is set in two American Air Force base schools in Oxfordshire. A group of teachers at Bicester Anglo-American School meet to talk to their new reading specialist Debbie Hill. They discuss the use of individualised reading materials for all levels. Debbie tests two new entrants to the school on their grade level and discusses the results with their teacher. A sequence at the American Elementary School, Upper Heyford Oxon, shows some boys using a reading machine to improve their reading rate. Reading advisor Bonnie Butt uses a check copy of a story to mark omissions when a girl reads it. She explains the faults to the girl and later to her teacher, Babara Collins. A reading laboratory at the Bicester school. Debbie Hill and teacher Bob MacGuiren instruct the pupils on how to use the self instructional materials. Shots of work cards and progress charts. Elizabeth Hunter comments voice over. At the end of the sequence some children areseen preparing additional work cards themselves, The library at Upper Heyford. Bonnie Butt shows some children how to use indexes and then talks to librarian Mr. Sharr about book purchase. Bob MacGuiren and Debbie Hill at Bicester talk about methods of assessing the reading program.
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Production number: 00525_6029
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