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Case study of a resource based junior school: Cowplain Junior School, Waterlooville, Hants., which has built up a resource centre on a do-it- yourself basis.
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Item code: PE951; 11
First transmission date: 19-09-1973
Published: 1973
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Duration: 00:23:19
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Producer: Ed Milner
Contributors: Jennifer Angus; Jennifer Angus; Ron Gatfield; Ron Gatfield; Cowplain Junior School
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Cowplains Junior School Waterlooville; Multi-media resources; Resource-centred schooling
Footage description: Opening shots show small group of boys using filmstrip projector with tape commentary for a project on clouds. Teacher Jennifer Angus explains how the project was developed and the guidance she gives. Shots of girls in library. Close-ups of their work books. Voice over, headmaster Ron Gatfield details the library resources available, and the current need to restrict non-book materials to closed access. Still shots of children in the library. Librarian Mrs. Bradley explains a system of brood classification for fiction and guides children in doing the classification. Workings of the resource centre are illustrated by comments from children and Mrs. Bradley. Still shots of children using equipment. Film of books being issued and shelved. Extract from sound track of film on ballooning and classroom scenes of the followup work on this project. Teacher Mr. Guy questions a pupil on what she has learnt. Final section shows another teacher, Mrs. Faber, in class talking to children about their work on a castle project. A sequence on research and planning. Mrs. Bradley runs through material on lighthouses in the resource centre with Miss Faber. Cut to a planning meeting with Miss Faber, Peter Warren, Kay and another teacher, discussing how they will use available materials for various projects. Headmaster Ron Gatfield gives instructions to a parent acting as voluntary helper in the resource centre. Ron Johnson, voice over, comments on the necessity for voluntary help in starting such a centre without special guiding.
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