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This programme looks at factor analysis. Various methods of statistical analysis are described and examples given.
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Module code and title: E341, Methods of educational enquiry: an empirical approach
Item code: E341; 05
First transmission date: 26-05-1973
Published: 1973
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Duration: 00:24:07
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Producer: Vic Lockwood
Contributor: John Bynner
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Communality; Correlation co-efficients; Factor analysis; Statistical analysis
Footage description: John Bynner defines factor analysis and state what the programme will contain. He shows how opinions of people on a topic can help to predict opinions of the same people on other topics. He then shows how correlation can be used in statistics to show consistency in opinions. He uses examples of correlation from Joan Barker Lunn's study from streaming in primary schools to illustrate his point. She used certain characteristics which she measured by attitude tests to show the kind of relationship they might have. The correlation co-efficients between attitude tests are given. Communality, that is when an overlap occurs between two attitude tests, is explained and visually represented with overlapping circles By adding other tests to the existing pattern the correlation of each attitude test with every other test is obtained: correlation matrix. The term 'factor' is then explained in terms of two group factors: attitudes to school subjects and attitudes to teachers. The programme is then summarised.
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