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This is the first of 2 films shot in Sweden for this Course. The Backby community school complex at Vasteras is famous throughout Sweden as a particularly well-planned design, but the film shows ho...w the early hopes for the school have not been attained because of certain failures of communication between the school and the community it serves. Bob Bell, Lecturer in Educational Studies at the Open University, analyses this failure with the help of the Chief Education Officer for Vasteras and the people of Backby.
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Module code and title: E221, Decision making in British education systems
Item code: E221; 07
First transmission date: 07-09-1974
Published: 1974
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Duration: 00:24:08
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Producer: Ken Little
Contributors: Bob Bell; Jim Fisher; Lennart Orehag
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Backby Community School, Vasteras Sweden; Failure of communication; School and community; Well-planned design
Footage description: Shots of children making pastry in a primary school. Bell introduces the programme - an investigation of a community school plan in Vasteras, Sweden. Bell explains reason for putting new school in Backby, the suburb; what it consists of and how it is run. Aerial shots of Vasteras. Maps showing development of Backby and the schools. Various shots of 3rd school under construction. Bell and Orehag discuss the reasoning behind the community school project, the committees running it etc. Shots of School buildings. Bell and Magnusson discuss how the school is use in the evening for adult education etc., demarkation disputes and other problems, which have arisen. Shots of a school sports stadium. Exteriors and interiors of schools. Bell discusses with Fisher, a local resident, how much he knows of the activities of the community project. Magnusson outlines how residents are supposedly kept aware of the centres activities. Bell interviews a number of local housewives asking them if they use the centre in the evening etc. The problem of communication is discussed with Orehag Bell asks whether the residents ought not to be more actively involved in the centre's government and administration. Magnusson explains how the present committees function. Orehag and Bell discuss ways of improving the governmental process and how the use of the centre may gradually alter to meet the needs of local residents, as the years go by. Bell sums-up the lessons to be drawn from the Backby project - its failures and its successes - and what the local authorities themselves have learnt.
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