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This film looks at the conurbation around the Belgian city of Mons known as the Borinage. It examines an attempt by the Faculty of Education at the University of Mons, to build community solidarity... and confidence through a far reaching and imaginative programme of cognitive development, involving not only special teams of teachers in the local schools but also peripatetic teachers working with mothers in their homes.
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Module code and title: E351, Urban education
Item code: E351; 02
First transmission date: 09-03-1974
Published: 1974
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Duration: 00:24:30
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Producer: Gwynn Pritchard
Contributors: J Burion; Jean Pierre Pourtois; John Raynor
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Cognitive development programme; Community solidarity; Economic stagnation; Educational system; Faculty of Education; Jose Menu; Mons, Belgium; Problems and solutions; Quaregnon
Footage description: Middle distance and street views of Quaregnon, near Mons in Southern Belgium. John Raynor introduces the programme and talks to Prof. Burion about the area's decline, Shots of disused mining areas. Raynor comments on the economic situation and the home background of local schoolchildren. Playground Scenes. Secondary and primary classroom scenes. Raynor comments voiceover on the traditional formal curriculum and unadventurous teaching. Sitting on a bench outside the University of Mons, Raynor introduces the programme for educating the severely underprivileged children of the neighbourhood, being developed by the faculty of Education Studies. He interviews Professor J.Burion, the Director of the Institute. Shots of two teachers seconded to the local school at Quaregnon, under this programme. Shots of Jose Menu, a peripatetic teacher attached to the research programme entering his car enroute to visiting children at home. Shots of Menu, driving and describing the area in French: translation voice over. He explains how the project aims to interest the parents in their children's education. Shots of an Italian immigrant family in their living room. Raynor explains voice over how a local Italian speaking boy helps Menu as an interpreter in this case. Menu comments while driving to another home. Shots of pregnant mother in rundown house. Raynor comments voice over. Menu, in his car sums up this contribution to linking family and school. Shots of another family: mother and two children talking in French, using books and special materials supplied by the project team. Raynor walks into shop and discusses in English with the mother the effect of the project on her son's abilities. Raynor talks to Jean Pierre Pourtois, Professor Burion's assistant on the use of audio visual techniques to involve the parents in the programme. English translation voice over. Film of a meeting for parents and children at the local school in Quaregnon. Pourtois introduces Burion. Shots of parents watching TV films of themselves and their children at home. Voiceover, Professor Burion describes the importance of the meeting, and the project as a whole. Finally Raynor asks to what extent large scale social change is needed before an educational programme can suceed. Montage of squalid street scenes. Pourtois comments: translation voice over. Credits against shots of poor houses seen earlier.
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Production number: 00525_6059
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