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This is the second programme linked to this block. It too looks at community participation, in education, this time in Sheffield. The methods employed by the local education authority and the indiv...idual campuses to involve the local community to use school and campus facilities as a resource are examined. A primary school, two new campuses which include a secondary school, youth club, adult education classes and leisure facilities, and a campus which is being built, are visited. Other aspects of community involvement, the work of pressure groups like CASE, and the new system of school governors and managers introduced in 1970, are also considered. Through the programme, comments on developments in Sheffield are made by the Chief Education Officer.
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Module code and title: E351, Urban education
Item code: E351; 11
First transmission date: 12-10-1974
Published: 1974
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Duration: 00:23:25
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Producer: David Seligman
Contributors: Michael Harrison; Peter Raggatt
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Barbara Bullivant; CASE; Chief Education Officer; Community participation; Earl Marshall School; Education; J.W. Etchell; Local Education Authority; Margaret Brown; Mrs. Danson; Norman Sykes; Park Hill; Peter Dixon; Robinson Campus; School governors; Sheffield; Tony Bullivant; William Hampton
Footage description: Opening comment by Margaret Brown mentions the difficulty of forming community organisers in a working class area. Voice over, Peter Raggatt sets the scene in Sheffield. Montage of shots of the city. Chief Education Officer Michael Harrison describes the social characteristics of the city. Panoramic high shot of city centre, closing in on Park Hill flats with their highways in the sky. Map of city showing location of Park Hill infants school. Headmistress Mrs.Danson comments voice over on parental involvements. Classroom scenes showing children being read to and cooking. A tea party with parents and headmistress. Raggatt comments on the successful dialogue between school and community. Draw out to reveal whole school in the Park Hill scheme setting. Michael Harrison describes the managing bodies through which Sheffield has involved thousands of people in school government. William Hampton, University Extra Mural Lecturer, addresses an early meeting of a course for new school managers and governors. A group discussion follows, W Hampton also chairs a sub-committee meeting of a governing board. Harrison mentions other groups influencing school life. Barbara Bullivant, National Secretary of Case, points out the difficulty of assessing a voluntary organisations' influence. Margaret Brown, from a local tenants' association, continues the theme with which she opened the programme. A meeting of the Co-ordinating Committee of Sheffield Residents and Tenants Associations discussing problems of council tenants. Shots of building site. Harrison mentions cost restrictions on the school replacement programme needed. Map indicates Robinson Campus, in the North West of the city. Headmaster Peter Dixon describes its resources. Shots of adult education and school classes in dressmaking and cookery, proceeding side by side. Adult Education Head J.W. Etchell, describes its organisation. Shots of a combined AE/6th form class sociology. Shots of the Sports Centre; activity in the swimming pool. Map shows location of Huntfield Campus in South-east of city. Shots of new town housing and flats, and older properties being renovated. Headmaster Norman Sykes talks about his ideas for the campus. Shots of students in youth centre; bingo sessions in the dining room after the school's lunch, run by local tenants association. Harrison comments on the general success of the new ideas. Map shows Earl Marshal School in North-east of city. Shots of older housing in this area. Headmaster Tony Bullivant recalls the school's history. Shots of old buildings and new premises about to be occupied. Bullivant explains how he hopes the new building will be open to the community and self publicising.
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