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The programme shows a project for gifted children currently being tested at Boughton County Primary School. SCCEP which stands for Schools Council Curriculum Enrichment Project is based at Northamp...ton College of Education under the directorship of the Principal, Dr Eric Ogilvie, who takes part in the programme. The project is being tested at 11 primary schools, one of which is Boughton School. This is a village primary school on the outskirts of Northampton. Its children are almost all middle class and there are only about 60 pupils, with 3 full time teachers. The programme's objectives are: 1. To give a brief insight into the SCCEP project in practice; 2. To show one attempt at individualising learning in the gifted child; 3. To show a brief insight into a programme on gifted children which attempts to interest and evaluate.
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Module code and title: E201, Personality and learning
Item code: E201; 08
First transmission date: 22-05-1976
Published: 1976
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Duration: 00:22:39
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Producer: Richard Argent
Contributors: Victor Lee; Eric Ogilvie
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Boughton County Primary School; Gifted children; Gway Edwards; Individualising learning; Northampton College of Education; Project in practice; Schools Council Curriculum Enrichment Project
Footage description: The programme opens with film of the exterior and interior of Boughton Primary School, over which Lee and Ogilvie, who is Director of S.C.C.E.P., briefly describe the S.C.C.E.P. programme. It is a system of projects designed to benefit children gifted at certain subjects. Over film of the headmaster, Gway Edwards, taking a class Ogilvie indicates one child, Russell, who is following an S.C.C.E.P. programme. Film of Russell listening to an S.C.C.E.P. cassette. In voice over Ogilvie explains how the project is designed. Ogilvie talks to Russell about the project, after which the child is observed measuring other children in the class as part of his work. Ogilvie comments on this. Gway Edwards is observed taking a maths class. Ogilvie comments in voice over on the value of S.C.C.E.P. for gifted children. A group of such children are seen listening to a maths S.C.C.E.P. cassette. Ogilvie comments on the way in which S.C.C.E.P. material should be used by teachers. A boy watches a tapeslide teaching aid. Four boys are seen playing an S.C.C.E.P. board game designed to encourage use of mathematics. In voice over Ogilvie argues for the benefits of such games. Ogilvie asks the boys what they think of the game, and they explain to him how it's played. Ogilvie comments on how the S.C.C.E.P. programme encourages motivation and performs evaluation of the child. The boys continue to explain the rules of the board game to him, and compare it with other games. The programme ends with Ogilvie listing some of the advantages of the S.C.C.E.P. programme.
Master spool number: 6HT/71976
Production number: 00525_6101
Videofinder number: 551
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