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In this programme we look at the process of socialisation in The Dragon School, an Oxford Preparatory School of some 600 pupils, mostly boys, but with 24 girls. The programme illustrates some of th...e values of The Dragon School, different teaching approaches and the attitude explicit and implicit to social control.
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Module code and title: E201, Personality and learning
Item code: E201; 10
First transmission date: 29-06-1976
Published: 1976
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Duration: 00:24:02
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Producer: Richard Argent
Contributors: Keith Ingram; John Miller
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Oxford Preparatory School; Social control; Socialisation; Teaching approaches; The Dragon School; Values
Footage description: The programme opens with film of children entering the Dragon School for morning assembly. The school is private and prepares children for public school. Film of morning assembly, in which hymns are sung and the headmaster, Keith Ingram, makes announcements. During the sequence Miller comments on the school's use of ritual as a means of social control. In interview, Ingram explains what the school tries to achieve in its pupils. A scripture class is observed. The teacher explains the value of laws in school and society. Other classes are observed in progress. In voice over Miller comments on the teaching style employed. First, a geography class is filmed. The teacher acts as audience. In the Latin class the teacher is a dominating performer. In the science laboratory the teacher adopts the roles of both audience and performer. Over stills of children playing Miller explains the way in which those in authority control the children in this kind of situation. A teacher is then seen discussing 'happiness' with a class of children. Over shots of children playing Ingram describes the benefits of non-academic activites. Boys are seen at rifle practice. Shots of lunch in progress, after which two girls give their view of what it's like at the predominantly male school. In interview boys and teachers express brief opinions of the school. Film of boys being treated to birthday tea with the headmaster, who explains the benefits of the exercise in voice over. In interview two house parents explain their role in looking after the boys. They describe the typical background of a young Dragon. The programme ends with boys in a dormitory giving their views of the school and its teachers.
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Production number: 00525_6103
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