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This programme looks back at some of the earlier case-studies in the course - the Mackenzie File, Myers Grove and Stantonbury Campus - and explores them in a different context; innovation. Taking ...part in the programme are two educational journalists, Ann Corbett and Stuart Maclure. Using extracts from previous programmes as a stimulus they discuss with William Prescott of the Open University one of the major issues in curriculum innovation at the present time: accountability. Who is responsible for the curriculum? Should teachers be agents of culttiral change;and if so who are they to be held accountable to?
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Module code and title: E203, Curriculum design and development
Item code: E203; 12
First transmission date: 07-08-1976
Published: 1976
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Duration: 00:22:57
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Producer: Ken Little
Contributors: Anne Corbett; Stuart Maclure; W. H. Prescott
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Accountability; Curriculum innovation; Myers Grove-School; Stantonbury Campus; Teachers; The Mackenzie File
Footage description: From the studio Prescott introduces the programme by referring back to E203/01 The Mackenzie File. An extract from this programme is shown in which Mackenzie gives his views on curriculum innovation. Prescott, Maclure and Corbett give their reactions to the extract, and go on to discuss more generally the social and political context bearing upon curriculum innovation. An extract from E203/7 Myers Grove School is shown, in which the teaching methods of the school are described, and its philosophy expounded. Studio discussion on the above extract. The contributors assert that curriculum innovation is very difficult in a school run like Myers Grove, and proceed to discuss ways in which a better climate for innovation can be produced. Prescott briefly describes Stantonbury Campus, and an extract from E203/05 Stantonbury: a blue print is shown wherein a staff meeting plans the timetable, and teaching is seen in practice, In the studio the contributors compare Stantonbury with Myers Grove. They discuss the role of headmasters in curriculum innovation, and the accountability of schools to parents, government and so on.
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