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This Outside Broadcast was recorded at Nelson and Colne College, Lancashire and explores "the limits to the autonomy of the College by showing some of the internal and external relationships a...t work. The programme reveals the operational methods of the Principal, David Moore, both internally in his regular meetings with his Heads of Departments, and the President of the Students' Union, and externally with the Managing Director of a local industrial firm for whom he is Managenent Consultant, and a liaison group from Lancaster University headed by the Vice Chancellor, Charles Carter. The programme ends with a meeting between the Principal and the Minister of State at the DES. Gerry Fowler, MP.
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Module code and title: E321, Management in education
Item code: E321; 06
First transmission date: 24-08-1976
Published: 1976
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Duration: 00:24:00
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Producer: John Miller
Contributors: Gerry Fowler; Noel Kershaw; David Moore; Gerald Normie
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Charles Carter; College autonomy; Eric Apperley; Fred Bate; Internal/external relationships; Lancaster University; Martina Tierney; Minister of State; Nelson and Colne College, Lancashire; Principal
Footage description: The programme opens with David Moore, Principle of Nelson and Colne College, explaining in interview his commitment to a degree of autonomy. Shots of the College, over which Gerald Normie indicates Moore's position. The programme observes a meeting of Moore with his Heads of Department. They discuss the possibility of obtaining extra staff from other colleges in the area. Moore discusses the relationship between the College staff and the Students' Union with the President of the latter, Martina Tierney. David Moore discusses the management of a local firm with Fred Bate, the company's managing director. Moore acts as management consultant to the company. Shots of Gawthorpe Hall, where Nelson and Colne College liaise with other educational bodies in the region. A working lunch with representatives of Lancaster University, West Cumbria College and local authority personnel is observed. Moore discusses with Charles Carter, vice-chancellor of Lancaster University and Eric Apperley, Principal of West Cumbria College, the idea of setting up a regional body to consider all aspects of post-compulsory education. Gerry Fowler, Minister of State for Education, visits Moore at Nelson and Colne College. The two men discuss both the place of Colleges of Education in the national educational scene, and the degree of autonomy which is both practical and ideal in such a college.
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