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By 1976 unemployment amongst university graduates and school leavers had risen to unprecedented levels. Financial investment in further and higher education, though cut back, continued. As indeed person investment. To analyse this situation and offer tentative predictions, three people, Leslie Wagner, Lord Crowther-Hunt and Bernard Holloway came to the studio. Film reports from Panorama and Newsday on graduate and school leaver unemployment form the basis of the discussion.
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Module code and title: ED322, Economics and education policy
Item code: ED322; 08
First transmission date: 25-09-1977
Published: 1977
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Duration: 00:24:03
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Producer: Chris Cuthbertson
Contributors: Bernard Holloway; Norman Crowther Hunt; Leslie Wagner
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Graduation; John Eggleston; Ray Hurst; Sunderland; Unemployment; Vera Morris; Washington New Town
Footage description: Leslie Wagner, Head of Social Sciences at the Polytechnic of Central London, introduce the programme from the studio. He also introduces the two studio contributors: Lord Crowther-Hunt, formerly a Labour Minister for Higher Education, and Bernard Holloway, Head of the University of Manchester's Careers and Appointments Service. Sequence 2 is an extract from a BBC Panorama programme on graduate unemployment. Over film of graduates getting their results and then their degrees, Vera Morris describe the extent of graduate unemployment. In interview a number of new graduates from Keele University describe the difficulties of getting the kind of job they want. Their tone is one of disillusionment. In interview John Eggleston, Professor of Education at Keele, comments on the trend towards graduate unemployment Wagner, Holloway and Crowther- Hunt take part in a studio discussion relating to the above film extract. Holloway gives his opinion on the rise of unemployment amongst graduates, while Crowther-Hunt outlines changes that could be made in higher education to overcome the problem. They discuss the feasibility of producing more science and technology graduates, and its implications for graduate employment generally. Extract from a Newsday T.V. programme about unemployment amongst 16 year olds in Sunderland. After film of teenagers at both disco and Job Centre, a number of school-leavers complain about being unemployed. They also criticise their schooling. Shots of a job creation scheme in progress at Washington New Town. Ray Hurst, the area's Principal Careers Officer, argues in favour of such schemes. Shots of teenagers making enquiries at a Job Centre. In the studio Crowther-Hunt compares the training available to school-leavers in Britain with other European countries. Both he and Holloway suggest ways of improving the situation. They also compare the plight of school-leavers with that of unemployed graduates. Wagner concludes the programme with some general comments on the usefulness of applying the techniques of economics to educational planning.
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