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This film explores two schools which offer particularly interesting and contrasting responses to the search for identity. The first is a bilingual;school which seeks to foster a sense of belonging ...(albeit to a wider entity - the Welsh Nation) by generating an enthusiasm for the cultural heritage which is embodied in the Welsh language. There is a marked sense of solidarity in the school which is a product of this shared purpose. The second school is a small secondary modern which owes its close-knit feeling to its strong ties with the local community. Many of the teachers have grown up in the neighbouring streets and this contributes to the sense of' belonging which is felt by both teachers and pupils. It is very much a community school. The film raises the question of the relationship of these two 'enclaves' to "the outside world. How effective can they be given the wider social problems? And are their responses merely anachronistic or important positive antidotes to the experience of dislocation?