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This programme is about the transition from school to work of young people in Cleveland. The film considers how the particular structure of industry in Cleveland creates special local problems. Thi...s is developed within a national context in which youth unemployment is higher than at any time since the Second World War. The film also considers some of the strategies which have been adopted to help school leavers gain experience of the responsibilities, disciplines and satisfaction of work.
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Module code and title: E361, Education and the urban environment
Item code: E361; 03
First transmission date: 16-05-1978
Published: 1978
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Duration: 00:24:30
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Producer: David Seligman
Contributor: Peter Raggett
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Bill Teasdale; Careers; Community Industry building; Employment; Fred Rea; John Bradwell; Middlesbrough; Middlesbrough Town Hall; Peter Ditchburn; Peter Fulton; Ray Hurst; School; Unemployment; Work; Work experience programme
Footage description: The programme opens with a brief interview with an apprentice welder who explains why he chose this particular career. Aerial views of Middlesborough, over which Raggatt mentions the city's major industries and the poor employment prospects facing school leavers. Interview with Ray Hurst, Cleveland's Principal Careers Officer, who comments on youth unemployment in the area. At a local school a teacher is seen questioning two girls about their plans for a career. Raggatt describes the work of the local Careers Office. A young woman is seen entering the office and being interviewed about why she wishes to change her job. Shots of her at work in a shop. Raggatt interviews an unqualified, unemployed school-leaver outside her home. She describes the difficulties involved in obtaining clerical work. Hurst comments on unemployment amongst girls in Cleveland. Many school-leavers Over shots of a large chemical works Raggatt briefly describes the qualifications boys need to obtain apprenticeships. An apprentice describes the EITB training and the periods of unemployment he underwent before obtaining his present job. Another apprentice describes the firm's method of testing welders. A foreman and the man in charge of the firm's apprenticeship programme describe how they select boys for apprenticeships. They describe the abilities needed in welders. In interview Hurst describes the various training schemes available in Cleveland for unemployed young people. On a building site Raggatt interviews Pete Ditchburn, a local employer about his involvement in the Work Experience programme. He then interviews a school-leaver who has been unable to find work. Interview with Fred Rea, regional organiser for a construction union. He explains that depression in the building trade makes Job Creation Schemes useless. Hurst then explains the need to adapt the school syllabus to the requirements of employers. Shots of a steel works. Bill Teasdale, a steel industry training officer, describes the tests given to young job applicants. Shots of young apprentices being trained at the steel mill. Hurst comments briefly on the importance of careers education at school. Shots of youngsters cutting cloth in Middlesborough's Community Industry Building, which provides work experience for the least qualified school-leavers. John Bradwell, who runs the scheme, explains how it operates. He argues that schools could do more to help young people to obtain jobs. Shots of Middlesborough's Town Hall. In interview Councillor Peter Fulton, Chairman of Cleveland's Education Committee, describes work being done to encourage liason between teachers and industrialist. Film of a teenager discussing his employment prospects with his careers teacher. Hurst explains which kinds of children are most likely to become unemployed and will benefit from training schemes. Shots of children leaving school, over which Raggatt suggests alternative methods of dealing with youth unemployment. Aerial view of Middlesborough.
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