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In this programme we look at the way in which parents, teachers, administrators and children are involved in curriculum development in schools in District 10 of the Bronx, New York. The particular ...foccus of the year leading up to the making of the programme had been in the involvement of many parents in "reading workshops". The district superintendent, students involved in curriculum committees, parents and teachers are seen taking part in various activities.
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Module code and title: E361, Education and the urban environment
Item code: E361; 05
First transmission date: 15-08-1978
Published: 1978
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Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Camelot; Curriculum; Parents; Participation; Reading; Theodore Wiesenthal; Workshop
Footage description: The programme opens with an interview with Gerald Friedlander recorded over shots of slums in the Bronx. Friedlander, who is principal of a Bronx school, comments on the great problems of this part of New York. Opening titles, Aerial views of school district 10 in N. W. Bronx. In interview Theodore Wiesenthal, school superintendent in district 10, describes the ethnic composition of the area. He explains why it is important to involve local parents in school activities. Film of a Parent Teacher Workshop in one school. Teachers explain the scheme to a group of parents who wish to help in the Education of their children. Demonstrations of simple teaching techniques are given. Interview with Friedlander who explains why local parents are involved in his school's opinions on this high degree of parent participation in the school's activities. A group of black parents discuss the problems involved in making local parents more active in their children's education. In interview Wiesenthal explains the role parents can play in a school's curriculum. Shots of a booklet produced for parents who wish to help their children to learn to read. Film of a meeting of the District Curriculum Committee which involves parents, teachers, students and Wiesenthal. They discuss ways in which parent can help students and consider the content of the school's social studies programme. Shots of children at work in class on 'Camelot', an alternative educational programme run by the school. The teacher questions the children about 'Camelot', getting an enthusiastic response. They discuss the content of this programme. Interviews with Friedlander and Wiesenthal who comment on the importance of parents contributing to school life. A teacher and a parent also express enthusiasm for this kind of cooperation. Film showing parents making formal speeches to a hall full of local parents. It is part of the District Office's Annual Report to the Community. An extract is shown from the Parent Reading Workshop in which children have a birthday party. Finally, Wiesenthal's speech to the assembled lacal parents congratulates them on the success of their cooperative schemes. Shots of school band.
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