This programme looks at attempts made by Toronto's Board of Education to provide multi-cultural education for the benefit of the city's many immigrants.
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Module code and title: E361, Education and the urban environment
Item code: E361; 06
First transmission date: 15-08-1978
Published: 1978
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Duration: 00:23:39
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Producer: Gwynn Pritchard
Contributors: Andrew McBrearty; John Raynor
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Assessment; Community; Comprehensive; Culture; Duncan Green; George Duravetz; Ian Jeffers; Identity; Immersion; John Piper; Miriam DiGuiseppe; Multi/uni-cultural; Society; Strategy; Wilson Brooks
Footage description: The programme opens with film of immigrants and street scenes in Toronto, over which Raynor comments on the cosmopolitan natrare of the city population. Shots of Ukranian being taught in a school class, over which Raynor comments briefly on the effect of Toronto's cosmopolitism on the city's schools. Interview with Wilson Brooks, black principal of a large school. Brooks describes his own family background. Shots of his school. He describes the ethnic composition of his school and explains why education is so important for immigrants. Street scene. Interview with Duncan Green, Director of the Toronto Board of Education, who describes the city's multi-cultural programme for its schools. Film showing English being taught to immigrant schoolchildren. In interview Miriam DiGuiseppe, head of the city's programmes for teaching English as a second language, describes her own problems as an immigrant child unable to speak English. Shots of school classroom. In interview Green explains why the Board of Education runs a programme for maintaining the native language of immigrant children. Film of a Ukranian class in progress in a large Toronto school. Raynor questions students about their Ukranian lesson. Their teacher, George Duravetz, describes the Ukranian influence on the school. Brief shots of children playing baseball. In interview a black student describes some of the problems facing young immigrants. Green then comments on the need to link a school with its community. Interview with John Piper, head of the Board of Education's Community Relations Project. He describes the project and explains why it will be closed after five years. Shots of a large modern school, where community liason worker for the West Indian community Ian Jeffers works. Jeffers describes his job and indicates some of the educational problems faced by West Indian immigrants. Shots of black teenagers. In interview Green explains the need for curriculum revision and briefly indicates what is being done. A black student gives his view of curriculum change Finally, Green outlines the Board of Education's philosophy for the education of immigrants.
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