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This film examines a Board of Governors at a comprehensive school in Sheffield in session. and looks at a number of contemporary issues involved in the work of school governors.
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Module code and title: E222, The control of education in Britain
Item code: E222; 04
First transmission date: 08-06-1979
Published: 1979
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Duration: 00:24:00
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Producer: Ken Little
Presenter: Ron Glatter
Contributors: Sue Bower; Ken Cook; Derek Lee; Felicity Crowther; Michael Harrison; Peter Horton; Robert Jackson
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Board meeting; Board of Governors; Contemporary issues; Local Education Authority; Sheffield comprehensive school
Footage description: The programme opens with shots of Sheffield's Education Department, over which Glatter describes how Sheffield has anticipated the Taylor Report by reconstructing its board of governors. Interview with Michael Harrison, Sheffield's Chief Education Officer, who describes these changes. Shots of Jordanthorpe Comprehensive School, On the outskirts, whose board of governors' session forms the basis of the programme. Film of the meeting in progress, discussing several minor items. Glatter interviews Bob Jackson, Chairman of Jordanthorpe's board of governors. Jackson gives his views on his own role and on the work of school governors. He also comments on their relationship with the L.E.A. Further film of the board of governors' meeting, in which Jordanthorpe's headmaster, Ken Cook, presents his report. Cook is then interviewed and describes his relationship with the board. Further shots of the board's session. They discuss the suspension of a pupil from school. Comments are received from the pupils' representatives. Glatter interviews Felicity Crowther, one of the students' representatives on the board, describes her role and her treatment by the board. Further film of the boards' meeting. Glatter interviews Peter Horton, Chairman of Sheffields' Education Committee, who comments on his committee's relationship with school governors. More film of the Jordanthorpe meeting, in which the prospect of shortening the school day is discussed. Shots of the meeting, then Glatter interviews Derek Lee, one of the present governors at Jordanthorpe. Lee explains the importance of having parents on the board. Further film of the meeting. Interview with Susan Bower, one of the Labour appointed local authority representatives on the board of governors She explains how she sees her role. Further film of the board of governors' meeting at Jordanthorpe. They discuss a local education authority report on mixed ability teaching. Final sequence of interviews in which Harrison, Horton, Jackson, Bower and Cook all give their opinions as to the success of Sheffield's changes in the structure of schools' governing bodies. The programme ends with further film of Jordanthorpe's board of governors bringing their meeting to a close.
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