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This studio based programme reviews a number of the main themes of the course by looking at a number of inserts from previous TV programmes, and by a studio discussion. The participants in the discussion are Jenny Ozga of the Open University, Nigel Gee and Anthony Wilson, both of whom were members of the group which developmentally tested the course, and the Course Team Chairman, Professor Ron Glatter,
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Module code and title: E222, The control of education in Britain
Item code: E222; 08
First transmission date: 05-10-1979
Published: 1979
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Duration: 00:23:42
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Producer: Ken Little
Contributors: Nigel Gee; Ron Glatter; Jennifer Ozga; Anthony Wilson
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Course themes; Programme extracts; Studio discussion
Footage description: Glatter introduces the programme by explaining that it will re-examine a number of the main themes of the course. The other contributors are Jenny Ozga, OU lecturer, Anthony Wilson and Nigel Gee, both of whom acted as developmental testers for the course. Excerpt from TV01 'Circular 5/77' in which the relationships between DES and local authority politicians and administrators are examined. Studio discussion considers the points raised in the first TV excerpt. They discuss other evidence from the rest of the course about conflict between central and local government. Glatter sets the scene for the second TV excerpt which is from programme 04 'Implementing Taylor'. The film shows the meeting of a Sheffield secondary schools' board of governors, and interviews some of the participants. Studio discussion of the above TV insert. They concentrate on the question of non professional participation in school affairs and the overall structure of British education. Glatter introduces the final TV excerpt, which is from programme 05 In the Mode. The excerpt shows a Mode III curriculum in use in a school near Doncaster. The studio group discuss the merits of Mode III syllabi and the extent of teacher autonomy that presently exists. They also compare the autonomy of polytechnics and universities. Brief extract from TV 07 Degrees of Difference.
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