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This programme examines ways in which a Coventry primary school incorporates the cultural diversity of its children into its teaching programme.
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Module code and title: E361, Education and the urban environment
Item code: E361; 07; 1979
First transmission date: 24-08-1979
Published: 1979
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Duration: 00:23:23
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Producer: Suzanne,1941- Campbell-Jones
Contributor: Rob Jeffcoate
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Curriculum; Garallt Rees; Kingston; Koran; Marjorie Forde; Mike Feely; Multi-cultural; Multi-racial; Primary school; Punjabi; Steel band; Trevor Sharman; Victor Phillip; Wynn Kelly
Footage description: T'he programme opens with shots of children and parents preparing for a pageant at Broad Heath primary school in Coventry. Jeffcoate (OU academic consultant) comments over on the school's multi-cultural approach. Film of Punjabi children being read a story in Punjabi, and then of a similar group being taught English. Jeffcoate asks the English teacher, Marjorie Forde, about her methods of teaching English as a second language. Jeffcoate interviews Mike Feely, Coventry's Advisor for Multi-Cultural Education. Feely explains how the Minority Group Service varies its services to schools depending on number and kind of immigrant children. Over film of classroom displays Jeffcoate describes Coventry's programme for teaching English to Asian adults. Film of morning assembly at Broad Heath. It combines dancing and song from different cultures. Classroom scenes. Jeffcoate interviews Wynn Kelly, Head of Infants at Broad Heath, who explains how a pluralist philosophy can be implemented. Shots of classroom activities and of multi-cultural reading books made by Kelly herself. She also states the beliefs behind her multi-cultural teaching methods. Playground scenes. The headmaster, Trevor Sharman, explains why Broad Heath is a community school. He describes some of the problems caused by the fact that white children are actually a minority in the school. Shots of bilingual classroom displays. A West Indian boy is seen describing his old school in Kingston to the rest of his class. Other children are seen in similar exercises designed to share their ife experiences. Classroom displays are shown which describe the religions of the various ethnic groups. Interview with Garallt Rees, a teacher at Broad Heath. Shots of classroom activities and posters. Rees describes problems he has encountered in using multi-cultural approach. He emphasises the need for good relations with parents. Over shots of Rees teaching Jeffcoate describes some of the school activities outside normal hours. Shots of Muslim girls learning the Koran, West Indian children learning supplementary maths, and white girls at ballet class. Film of the school's steel band. Jeffcoate interiews Victor Phillip, who is responsible for the sand. Over closing shots of the band Jeffcoate comnents on the success of Broad Heath.
Production number: 00525_6219
Videofinder number: 3992
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